Fifth Harmony Takes One Direction’s Place, Add Missy Elliott To Future

As One Direction settles into vacation mode, their place on the number one spot is being taken over by another X Factor band called Fifth Harmony. However, instead of resting on what worked for them in their first album and stretching it out over their whole careers, the press quotes them repeatedly stating that their upcoming 7/27 album is their “creative” and “artistic” reflection that shows they are growing from teens and into women.

On top of taking America by storm by winning multiple awards, Fifth Harmony has also added another pop music ground-breaker, legend Missy Elliott, to their future plans.

After winning a slew of awards over the past year, Fifth Harmony has been proving that Simon Cowell has put together another band of superstars, and, like One Direction, America shows they love Fifth Harmony through their votes.

Fifth Harmony is the new One Direction
Over the past year, Fifth Harmony has been winning the awards that One Direction was nominated for. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Fifth Harmony started to outshine One Direction starting around 2015, and their ability to win awards One Direction was nominated for has become commonplace.

Along with the fans, music critics adore Fifth Harmony and have interesting things to say about their talent. For example, about the 7/27 album preview from Fifth Harmony, Digital Spy writes “American girl group pop just got exciting again.”

Boston Globe writes on May 18 that Fifth Harmony is “stretching the pop parameters” with their to-be-released 7/27 album, and writer Maura Johnson explains their opinion with the following.

“Pop albums are strange beasts in the streaming era[.] But… ‘7/27’ [is] worthy of exploration beyond their radio-saturating singles. While they can sometimes feel a bit overlong — remember, producers of now, ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Thriller’ only needed nine tracks to make their points — they also allow the singers at their center to explore opportunities beyond those offered by pop radio’s increasingly confined parameters.”

USA Today writes on May 24 that Fifth Harmony is attempting to break out of the first album’s mistakes, is eschewing the “girl-power-all-the-time girl band theme” with their newer album, and are dropping the One Direction “style.” About 7/27, Fifth Harmony states the following.

“Before, it was trial and error, coming off [‘X Factor’]. We didn’t know what our sound was gonna be. Now, it’s a new era, and it’s a new time for us.”

Adding to this, Fifth Harmony said in a Billboard interview from May 5 that with 7/27 they “feel like actual artists” and stated “We were little babies in the ­beginning. Now we’re becoming big girls.”

Around May 15, Fifth Harmony was quoted by Fuse TV stating the following about their upcoming album 7/27.

“[W]e had to prove ourselves the first time around—not only to the label, but to the producers and songwriters as well. Now we’re able to go in and be somewhat creative… the first time we didn’t have as much leeway. I think it’s more personal to us now. We’re able to be more creative and express ourselves.”

Naturally, the press is buzzing about Fifth Harmony because they are due to release new music on May 27, but also because Fifth Harmony are launching a full concert tour in America.

Rolling Stone lists each date for Fifth Harmony’s upcoming 2016 tour and reports they will begin on July 27 in New Hampshire and end on September 17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

7/27 from Fifth Harmony promises to be creative and adult
The new album from Fifth Harmony is self-described as them being more grown up and creative. (Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

Teen Vogue writes on May 20 that Fifth Harmony’s tour tickets “officially go on sale [May 27], but there are a few options for pre-sale tickets starting on [May 23]. Bonus: if you pre-order their album, you’ll get a code for early access to tickets on [May 25].”

Other exciting news for Fifth Harmony fans is their work with one of the queens of pop music: Missy Elliott. Featured on the 7/27 album for Fifth Harmony’s song, “Not The Kinda Girl,” they described having Missy Elliot record with them as an “honor.”

According to ET Online, Fifth Harmony said the following about Missy Elliott.

“We grew up listening to [Missy Elliott], watching her music videos and everything she did. So it’s really awesome to really have her… and the fact that these people are even willing to be on a track with us is such an honor and we’re just trying to work really hard and make this album to its best.”

[Picture by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]