Fox Sports Radio reshuffles the deck

JT the Brick, and his nation radio show have been a gig part of my life since 2002. I generally don’t like to insert myself in to stories, but in this case I will make an exception. If it were not for JT, and a few others, no one would be reading my words on this site or others. If it were not for JT and his story, I would have never attempted to become a sports writer. In a lot of ways I am walking in JT’s career footpath.

JT the Brick was once upon a time a Stockbroker in New York City and he started calling the Jim Rome Show and quickly grew into one of the shows best callers. In fact JT won Rome’s first ever smack off because JT brought his passion for sports into each and every one of his phone calls, and the fans liked that.

They liked it so much in fact that since 2001 JT has hosted a sports call in show, carried through the United states each and every weekday. Last year JT won a contest held by the Sports Media Journal and was named the best sports radio show host in America.

Now FSR has effectively merged with local Los Angeles Radio Channel KLCA, and they have hired Don Martin to run both entities. Since Martin is now the program director at KLCA and FSR he is apparently the man with the plan. However since he took over in January the station has lost it’s broadcast rights to LA Lakers games, and now he is tweaking the program lineup at FSR.

JT used to air from 1opm to 2am EST, but will not be bumped to the overnight shift, a shift he started out on. His time slot replacement is one Tony Bruno who left FSR is a bitter contract dispute a few years ago. Martin is betting that the over 200 radio stations that carry FSR programming will like Bruno over JT. Personally speaking it seems to me he is way off.

JT’s Game Time React show is one of the best sports call in shows in America. While some don’t like his passion his energy, it truly is one of the finest sports show on the air. He has an army of followers nationwide and I feel privileged to be counted among them. They are the most educated, highly passionate sports fans on the planet and Don Martin at FSR doesn’t seem to understand that.