NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Trading Derrick Rose To The Sacramento Kings

At one time, the Chicago Bulls were hoping that Derrick Rose would be their leader for many years to come and guide them to numerous championships. Unfortunately, he has been stricken with injury after injury and now his time with the Bulls could be nearing its end. As the Bulls look to possibly rebuild and change things up, the time has come for Rose to make his departure from Chicago and a trade with the Sacramento Kings could be in his future.

Yes, the Bulls are going to have to make a decision soon on whether Derrick Rose has another season in Chicago or not. Things are simply not working, and it's almost as if there have been far too many chances given and not enough in return.

Rose has dealt with numerous injuries over the past few years and in 2015-2016, he played the most games he's played in six years and that was 66. The year before that, it was 51 games. In 2013-2014, it was just 10 and that came after playing in just 39 games the year prior.

Chicago needs reliability and they need a point guard who they know will be able to stay on the court when they truly need him.

nba rumors derrick rose trade chicago bulls sacramento kings injury
[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]As NBA free agency arrives this summer, the Sacramento Kings are going to want to do some moves. Rajon Rondo is likely going to be lost at some point to another team. Ben McLemore has been a disappointment in his first three seasons, but others feel as if he could benefit from being somewhere different and starting fresh.

Fansided believes that "Project McLemore" has come to an end and it's time for him to move on to another court. That court could be in Chicago, and if paired with another player or draft pick, the Bulls may look to bite in sending Derrick Rose to Sacramento.

The Cheat Sheet believes that Sacramento is a good landing spot for Derrick Rose as the loss of Rondo would put the Kings with just Darren Collison at starting point guard. If they really want to do so, the Kings could get rid of McLemore and center Kosta Koufas for Rose and make everyone involved happy.

nba rumors derrick rose trade chicago bulls sacramento kings injury
[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]Last season, the Kings were publicly shopping small forward Rudy Gay, but the acquisition of Derrick Rose would make them rethink going back to that trade. Partnering Rose with shooting guard Marco Bellinelli in the backcourt would instantly improve their starting line-up and Gay would be a huge part of that plan.

One big question mark is the status of DeMarcus Cousins and if he is going to stay put with the Sacramento Kings. Rumors of him being traded away (maybe to the L.A. Lakers) have started up again, but the departure of head coach George Karl may have the Kings rethink that move as well.

Yibida is reporting that getting Derrick Rose out of Chicago is a top priority for the team and it's something they need to do early on. Moving him and seeing what comes back in return would give them more leverage during free agency and in trying to sign some of the big names on the market.

Derrick Rose is one of the most talented players to ever step foot on an NBA court, but he just can't stay healthy long enough to show he still has it. The Chicago Bulls have given him all the time they're going to give him, and that leaves the Sacramento Kings who would welcome him in a trade. Whether it is Ben McLemore, a draft pick, or another player that is given up in return remains to be seen, but the Kings should make the move quick.

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