Kris Jenner Suspicious About Blac Chyna's Pregnancy, Urging Rob To Get Paternity Test, Insiders Say

Kris Jenner may be supporting Rob's whirlwind romance with Blac Chyna, but that doesn't mean she isn't skeptical about it. Apparently, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch wants to make sure her only son dots all of the I's and crosses all of the T's before he marries the exotic model.

According to Hollywood Life, Kris Jenner is reportedly urging Rob to get a paternity test just to make sure Blac Chyna is really giving birth to the next Kardashian. An insider has shared details about Kris' suspicions about Blac Chyna. Despite the progress she's made with Rob by helping him to come out of his reclusive shell, Kris Jenner still isn't totally convinced Blac Chyna is genuine, according to the insider.

"Kris is freaking out that Rob is not making Blac take a paternity test and urging him to reconsider," an inside source revealed. "Rob has made so much progress in the last year, since Blac has entered his life, and Kris feels Rob may never be able to recover from a betrayal on this level. Kris loves her son and is doing everything in her power to protect his best interests."

Kris Jenner's concerns about Blac Chyna's loyalty and possible infidelity reportedly stem from her trip to Trinidad earlier this year. For those who missed it, she was photographed with a mystery man in several photos that surfaced online. Of course, the media raised speculation about the possibility of infidelity but the rumors were never confirmed. Did Blac cheat on Rob? No one really knows, but Kris Jenner wants to make sure the baby she's carrying is really Rob's child, according to the insider.

"Kris has been talking to Rob about the possibility of Blac cheating earlier this year. Kris is using Blac's trip to Trinidad in February with Amber Rose as her prime example of when Blac may have fooled around," our sourced gushed. "Kris has been trying to convince Rob that the timing of that trip and her pregnancy coincide, and that is awfully suspicious."

However, it doesn't look like Kris Jenner's request will come to fruition because Rob reportedly refuses to do so. He trusts Blac wholeheartedly and believes the baby is his without a doubt despite Kris' concerns.

The latest report follows a string of reports about the ongoing Kardashian family drama. Yesterday, Blac Chyna took to Instagram with an ultrasound photo of the baby in question. She also included a heartfelt post about Rob. In most cases, Blac Chyna is usually the one commended for helping Rob turn his life around. But, she revealed he's actually just as special because he's showed her how to love again following her bitter breakup with Tyga, who was rumored to have ironically cheated on her with Rob's younger sister, Kylie Jenner.

Blac Chyna's post touched the hearts of more than 250,000 Instagram followers, but she wasn't the only person speaking out about her love for a Kardashian. For those who missed, Kris Jenner also revealed her plan to pay homage to the name. In a new clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris revealed she plans to change her name back to Kardashian.

According to E! News, Kris is quite serious about the power move to legally have her name changed. In the clip, she argued that she should be allowed to since Bruce was able to change his name to Caitlyn without opposition. Kris wants the world to know she's the "original Kardashian."

"I'm going to change my name back to Kardashian," Kris says before a shocked Khloe replies, "Why? You haven't been that in over 24 years. I was that before you were that," Kris explains. "I was the original Kardashian."

Kris' abrupt decision also raises speculation about her possibly being intimidated by Blac Chyna. Since Blac is about to be the next Kardashian woman, is Kris trying to make sure her presence is known? At this point, Kris' motives are unclear so fans will just have to tune in to see what happens on the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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