Stephanie Hollman Hopes LeeAnne Will Someday Understand What Friendships Are About

Stephanie Hollman is close friends with Brandi Redmond, and the two have been inseparable while filming The Real Housewives of Dallas. And it sounds like they truly understand one another as they give each other time to laugh, cry, and speak when they need a shoulder to lean on. Stephanie doesn't think that LeeAnne Locken understands just how special their friendship is, so when she's trying to become friends with Hollman, she thinks Locken is going about it the wrong way. On this week's episode, LeeAnne stepped out of her comfort zone to apologize to Stephanie for throwing a drink at her and yelling at her, but the apology may not have worked that well.

According to a new Bravo report, Stephanie Hollman is now revealing how she felt about getting an apology from Locken. Hollman may not have expected to hear from LeeAnne at all when she got the call for lunch. But when she got the invitation, Stephanie assumed that it was for an apology lunch, where Locken would tell her that she was sorry about her behavior.

"When LeeAnne called me for lunch, I suspected it was to apologize. After lashing out at Marie's party, I thought she would likely beat herself up about it when she calmed down and had some time to think about it. This seems to be a pattern for her. She acts out, apologizes, blames her past for her behavior, and then repeats the pattern when she gets upset again," Stephanie Hollman explains about her co-star.

It sounds like Stephanie was ready for the apology, but questioned whether it would really mean anything. As it turns out, Stephanie started to see a pattern with Locken, including how she would act out, apologize and then pass the blame to someone else. And it did happen on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, as she apologized, passed the blame, and then started some new drama at Heidi Dillon's cocktail party.

In her confessional for the show, Stephanie Hollman revealed that Locken was merely apologizing for herself. While Hollman was open for an apology, it sounds like she was critical after a while, as Locken continued to talk about herself.

"The apology was offered a week after the incident. I had honestly dealt with it, forgave the behavior and moved on. I do appreciate her taking responsibility and apologizing. On the drive to meet her, I received a call that my sweet Aunt Shirley passed away. I met LeeAnne with a very heavy heart trying to process the loss of someone I loved and take in all LeeAnne was saying. At lunch she did apologize. As usual, she talked, and I listened. My hope for LeeAnne is that someday she will understand that friendships and bonds are made with conversations where both people may talk without fear of setting her off," Stephanie Hollman revealed in her blog for the show.

Even after the two had sat down for lunch, Locken continued to say mean things about Stephanie Hollman's friends, including Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber. In her own blog, LeeAnne questioned why the ladies didn't want to give her a chance and accept her apologies. But it makes sense that Hollman is keeping her distance from her, as she doesn't trust her. And it is possible that these two aren't friends. They may keep the peace during the Real Housewives of Dallas, simply because Locken can be very aggressive and Hollman is very sweet and innocent.

What do you think of Stephanie Hollman's decision to listen to LeeAnne's apology? Do you think she's right in keeping her distance a little from Locken?

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP]