Hillary Clinton: A Campaign Trail Of Broken Promises And Untruths

Hillary Clinton has declined to a final debate with Senator Bernie Sanders, and it’s not surprising. In April, the former Secretary of State attempted to wiggle out of her commitment to four more debates, causing the Sanders campaign and his supporters to pressure her into agreeing to one at last. This time, however, Clinton believes she’s locked up the nomination and hence, apparently does not believe a debate is necessary. This is despite her agreement in January to one debate per month, with a May debate being the last.

How many more promises will Hilary Clinton break? How many more lies will she tell?

Hillary Clinton [AP Photo/John Locher]

It appears that her reluctance to do the final debate is due to her belief that she has the nomination wrapped up and should not have to explain herself or her policies anymore. On Sunday, she appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Todd asked Clinton if Bernie Sanders is more electable, she tossed out a word salad that essentially said that she doesn’t care about polls or the people.

“Well, first of all people have voted for me overwhelmingly in the Democratic primary process … It is also fair to say I have been vetted and tested. That puts me in a very good position … I don’t think [Bernie Sanders] has ever had a single negative ad run against him. And that’s fine.”

Clinton then added how much polls showing Trump outperforming her really mattered to her.

“Polls this far out mean nothing. They certainly mean nothing to me.”

But, of course, polls mean something to her. She is sitting on a huge deficit, and is now — along with Donald Trump — one of the least popular candidates in U.S. history. Her honesty, or lack thereof, is one of the primary reasons for the distaste American voters have for her.

Hillary Clinton promised to debate Bernie Sanders. she tried to break that promise one month ago. This month, she finally broke her promise and doesn’t not seem inclined to change her mind. Last month, a story in the Inquisitr called her out for refusing the April debate as a sign of weakness.

As for her statement regarding negative ads? Politifact rates it false. Sanders has been bombarded with negative ads, including from Clinton’s own campaign. How could Hillary have not known of the text message campaign negative toward Bernie Sanders that accused Sanders of not fighting for progress as Clinton claims she will.

During this primary campaign alone, the hits she’s flung at Sanders just keep coming. Early in the campaign, when it became clear that Bernie was becoming popular, her daughter, Chelsea, claimed Sanders would take away healthcare from millions of people. Clinton defended her daughter and then began to repeat the falsehood.

Hillary then claimed that Bernie Sanders wanted to delay implementing the Clean Power Plan, which Politifact again rated false. Sanders supported the plan but preferred a more ambitious one.

In December, the Clinton campaign and the DNC accused the Sanders campaign of stealing data after a brief software glitch left all Democratic campaigns vulnerable. The Sanders campaign sued after DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz improperly cut off access to his own data. At the end of April, Sanders dropped the suit after being proven correct and that his campaign had told the truth. Still, Clinton surrogates continue the claim that his campaign stole data.

Clinton claims she is against the Trans Pacific Partnership, yet she actually helped to negotiate in favor of the deal while she was Secretary of State. Last year, IB Times called Clinton out on this and also on her flip-flop on NAFTA.

“As a candidate in 2008, she opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which she supported when her husband promoted it as president in the ’90s. She then helped negotiate the TPP as secretary of state. After her tenure at the State Department, she went more or less silent on the topic until recently, when she seemed to reverse course, though in a noncommittal manner.”

Clinton has since come out in opposition to the deal, but voters remain wary of her promises to oppose it.

Months ago, Clinton promised she would “look into” releasing her Goldman-Sachs transcripts if other candidates released theirs. Her campaign also stipulated Sanders would need to release his tax returns before she would release her transcripts. Sitting members of Congress are legally forbidden from giving paid speeches, therefore, that ruled out most of the Republican candidates.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, is a real estate mogul and businessman. He does not get paid to give speeches. Bernie Sanders has no paid speeches to release. That leaves Clinton, who has still not fulfilled her promise to release the transcripts under her own stipulations.

The ball’s in her court. She hasn’t taken it yet.

How many promises will Hillary Clinton break?
Bill Clinton [AP Photo/Don Ryan]

Lastly, Hillary Clinton has said that concerning the 31,000 emails she deleted from her email server were personal in nature. She has stated that many of those were email communications between herself and husband, former President Bill Clinton. However, Bill is on the record that he has only ever sent two emails in his life. This is likely not exactly true, according to a story in The Atlantic, but it begs the question: Which Clinton is telling the truth? Both? Neither?

Clinton’s untrustworthiness is a grave concern for millions of voters, especially for those who have vowed to never vote for her, even under threat of a Donald Trump presidency. Her most recent renege on the promise to debate in May is just one in a long line of disappointments voters can expect from her.

[Photo by John Locher/AP Images]