Was Andy Cohen Being Shady Bringing Brandi Glanville Into The 'RHOBH' Reunion?

Andy Cohen received much criticism as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired, because fans of the show felt that he was ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump. Of course, Vanderpump has very loyal fans and followers, and they were upset with the way the other ladies kept questioning her loyalty and her manipulative behavior behind the scenes. And like any other viewer of the show, Andy really wanted to know if there was any truth to these accusations.

According to a new Bravo report, Andy Cohen is now revealing that he doesn't regret being a bit harsh and direct with Lisa. He claims that he has nothing against her, and Cohen just wanted to know what she thought about these accusations. It has been a few weeks since the reunion aired, and Cohen's assistant, Daryn Carp, decided to ask him some questions for his show, Ask Andy.

"I don't have anything against her, but everyone has their say. They had something to say, and they said it, and Lisa responded," Andy explained, adding, "I kept saying to her, 'Do you want to apologize? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you see you're being accused of something you've been accused of three other seasons? What do you think about that?' "

Of course, Lisa may have felt a bit betrayed by Andy Cohen when he decided to introduce to a segment with Brandi Glanville. Brandi could have come to the reunion and addressed any questions the ladies may have had, but Andy decided it would be best to film her for a separate segment. When the segment aired, Lisa had plenty of things to say to Cohen, including questioning him why he was giving her airtime. And many of Lisa's followers felt that Andy was just trying to piss her off. But, as Cohen explains, it was the ladies who kept bringing her up and he wanted to give her a chance to speak her mind.

"Between Vanderpump and [Kyle Richards] and several of the other women, her name was probably brought up 10 or 15 times at least without her being there. And she was tweeting a lot saying, 'Why are they still talking about me? I'm not on the show.' And then she was on the show a little bit," Andy Cohen revealed when asked about Brandi, adding, "Listen, I think the women would have been more upset if we brought her onto the couches to talk to them. She was on tape for a minute-and-a-half or two minutes, they could respond or not respond, they all got the last word. Brandi didn't have the last word. So, you know, I feel fine about it."

Andy Cohen has received criticism for the way he handled the reunion, but when he was asked whether he has any regrets about the show, he said "no" with confidence.

Vanderpump has hinted that she isn't sure whether she wants to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi left the show last year because she was tired of her co-stars lying to her and arguing with her. According to Fox News, Glanville has revealed that the ladies strategize with one another and they plan things out behind the scenes to make a great show.

What do you think of Andy Cohen bringing on Brandi Glanville for the reunion special? Do you think he wanted to give her a platform to share her thoughts since the ladies had been talking about her all season, or do you think Cohen wanted to bring her on to upset Lisa Vanderpump?

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