Patricia Altschul Thinks Kathryn Dennis Is Lying About Relationship With Son Whitney

Patricia Altschul may not be in the group of friends on Southern Charm, but as Whitney Sudler-Smith's mother, she does tend to get the dirt on what's going on in Charleston. Altschul has expressed her dislike for Kathryn Dennis, especially when it comes to her treatment of Thomas Ravenel. Altschul and Thomas have become close friends, and she may get the dirt on how Kathryn is treating her children's father. But on last night's episode of Southern Charm, Patricia learned that her son had been caught up in some drama, and she's now sharing her take on this so-called relationship that rocked the cast of Southern Charm.

According to a new Bravo report, Patricia Altschul stands by her son in this matter, even though Whitney and Kathryn supposedly lived in her house for a while. It's no secret that Dennis and Whitney had hooked up during the show's first season. But Kathryn told Craig Conover that the reason why she was being ousted by the Southern Charm cast was because her relationship with Whitney had been much more than a hookup. In fact, she thinks that he may have had some feelings for her and in the throwback clips, Patricia Altschul is seen questioning the relationship when she spots Dennis' clothes at her house.

To set the record straight about her son, Patricia Altschul decided to do an interview with Entertainment Tonight about the relationship. And her son was thrilled about her honesty, writing, "Leave it to Patricia Altschul to nail it as always!" on Twitter.

"What can I say? I live in one wing of the house, and at that time, Whitney was living at the other wing. And I think that this whole contrivance that there was a relationship is misconstrued. I mean... I don't like to use the term one night stand. I prefer 'sleepover,' " Patricia Altschul explained in her interview, according to Bravo, adding, "I think this was just a good, old Southern sleepover. I mean, I never saw her in the house except once. The funny thing is, she was talking about having a relationship that went on for a week and a half. I mean, I think that it was relations — they had relations, they did not have a relationship."

Maybe Patricia is in denial about how much her son really liked Kathryn. There were many guys on Southern Charm who found her lovable, including Shep Rose, Thomas Ravenel, and Craig Conover. They've all expressed an interest in her when the show first started, but Craig is determined to get her back into the group. Patricia Altschul's son Whitney, on the other hand, appears to enjoy his new relationship. On this week's episode, Whitney tried to charm girlfriend Larissa Marlot in Los Angeles with a guitar solo.

As for Dennis, she's still trying to figure out why Patricia Altschul doesn't like her that much. There have been speculations that she didn't like her because of her friendship with Cooper, Altschul's former friend. And before the episode started, she wanted viewers to know that she wasn't lying about their relationship -- despite what Patricia Altschul told Entertainment Tonight.

"Before tonight's episode, I want it to be clear that I did not lie in any way about my relationship with Whitney. Sadly. #SouthernCharm," Dennis revealed on Twitter, adding during the episode, "Craig calls out the #wickedWhitney and his mother and whadyaknow..they throw in a jab about* him. #SouthernCharm."

The episode did show Thomas being unable to head to California due to Kathryn's scheduled birth, and while many thought she was overreacting, Dennis set the record straight, tweeting, "Actually I could've gone in to labor at any moment before the set date to induce me.. #SouthernCharm."

What do you think of Patricia Altschul doing an interview to clear her son's name? Do you think she's in denial about what is happening in her son's life?

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