Rescued Koala Killed By Australian Trophy Hunters

A koala bear was found decapitated on the side of the road in Australia, according to The Courier Mail. However, what makes this particular mutilation unique is that the koala in question was one that had been previously rescued and rehabilitated by area volunteers.

Ray and Murray Chambers, who devote quite a bit of their time to the Sunshine Coast Koala and Wildlife Rescue, worked with trainee Angie Duncan to nurse the sickly koala back to health. Once he was well enough to return to the wild, the koala named Sullivan was released back into his element.

“Sullivan was Angie’s first release,” Ray Chambers explained. “We picked him up in March from a tree by the side of the motorway for safety reasons, but a vet check revealed a bladder infection. He was treated and on March 18, returned to thicker bush more than a kilometre away from where he was picked up.”

The discovery of Sullivan’s mutilated body has understandably horrified those who attempted to save his life. “We cannot describe the distress, the impact this kind of situation has on us all. I’ve had enough,” Chambers said.

He added, “What kind of low life scum lives in this area, who would do such a thing to such a beautiful, placid healthy animal?”

Sullivan’s death is attributed to trophy hunters, who reportedly removed the animal’s head and testicles before dumping the body on the side of the road. According to Chambers, the kill was clean, with no broken bones or blood. This, he feels, indicates the work of a professional.

“The killing has to stop,” Chamber explained. “Authorities have to act. We need fencing and signs and changes to legislation to allow release to safer areas, not original home ranges in which they are at high risk.”

Chambers states that the area where the rescued koala’s body was found used to be crawling with wildlife. Recent urban development has effectively pushed them out of the homes.