Kelly Ripa New Co-Host: Fred Savage Is Perfect On 'Live,' But Was He Auditioning?

Kelly Ripa had a new co-host on Live! this week -- Fred Savage from The Wonder Years! The actor joined Ripa on Monday and Tuesday's episodes of Live! With Kelly, filling in the empty seat left behind by Michael Strahan (who is now on Good Morning America).

After Monday's show, fans could not stop talking about what an awesome job Savage did in that co-pilot seat and many took to social media to suggest that Savage be given the job as Live! co-host on a more permanent basis! The going phrase? "Hire him now!"

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Fred Savage did a fantastic job on Monday's show. He was hilarious during the host chat and then really great while interviewing Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke and The Bachelorette star, JoJo Fletcher.

Kelly Ripa's new co-host hasn't been found just yet, and her spring/summer fill-ins are thought to be "auditioning" for the part. The show's producer, Michael Gelman, and production manager, Art Moore, have been keeping a close eye on how things are going on screen, diligently making notes and hopefully figuring out who they want sitting next to Kelly every morning (cough, cough, Fred Savage).

According to She Knows, Fred Savage would be a great replacement for Michael Strahan. However, Savage's name has not come up as far as rumored potential co-hosts go (those names include Anderson Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, and Mario Lopez). This doesn't mean, however, that he's not being considered. In fact, he could prove to be a dark horse in this game, not unlike Michael Strahan was back when he joined the show.

"He already has a great career in entertainment on his hands — why not jump into something new? If there's something we know about the Live! producers, they don't necessarily want to go with the most obvious host. Would anyone have seen Michael Strahan, longtime NFL star, as a daytime talk-show host? [Someone] did. Savage may get the same shot."
Kelly Ripa and Fred Savage have great chemistry together. However, getting him to ink a deal isn't going to be an easy task. You see, Live! is filmed in New York City -- that's where Kelly lives with her family. Savage lives in Los Angeles with his wife and kids, which would make co-hosting near impossible without someone willing to relocate.

Interestingly enough, Kelly Ripa talked about moving to Los Angeles with the show during a chat with Michael Strahan on air earlier this month. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kelly sort of joked about her daughter wanting to move to California and then said that she'd be open to moving if that is what needed to happen.

"Yeah, I mean, if the show goes, yeah. Eventually, I would have to go, right? And then I could be a Hollywood wife," she said.

Meanwhile, it seems like Fred Savage really enjoys filling in on Live!, so maybe he'd move to the Big Apple.

Check out the recent tweet he sent out to fans.

Would you like to see Fred Savage join Kelly Ripa on Live!?

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