Lil Wayne, Christina Milian Love Rumors May Be Detailed On VH1 Or 'Turned Up' Reality TV Shows

Maryam Louise

Fans of Lil Wayne and Christina Milian being in a relationship recently got some good news about how the couple may not be officially over after all. Although there has been no confirmation that the two of them are actually back together, there are a few promising signs that fans might be hearing more from Lil Wayne and Christina Milian in the near future… through reality television.

In the recent past, Christina Milian made a point of saying that she would not completely write Lil Wayne out of her life, but after the second time they broke up in January, she declared that things were over for good.

However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Christina Milian may have changed her mind in the month of May, and she said that she would at least hook up with Lil Wayne on occasion.

Interestingly, one of the main reasons that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne broke up in the past had nothing to do with lying and cheating but instead a conflict in schedules. Simply put, Christina Milian felt that she did not have enough quality time with Lil Wayne, and both of them were working overtime on their careers for most of 2015.

Now, there is some promise that Lil Wayne will be living in the same city as Christina Milian during the summer of 2016, and they may be working on reality TV shows.

Although the E! Network has not confirmed or denied a Season 3 for Christina Milian Turned Up, Lil Wayne may beat her to the chase. As it appears, news has emerged that Lil Wayne will be doing his own reality TV show with VH1 starting in July in Los Angeles.

According to Hip Hop DX, the new show will be called Lil Wayne's House, and it will feature Lil Wayne mentoring other people in the music industry.

Of course, Christina Milian fans know that she is located in Los Angeles, and that is where Turned Up has been filmed so far. Nevertheless, this does not mean Christina Milian and Lil Wayne will intertwine their reality TV shows with storylines about each other.

Mainly, when Christina Milian and Lil Wayne started dating, they did not post on social media about their lives as a couple, according to VLAD TV. Over time, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian loosened up on the rule and Christina even talked about the hardships she was having with Lil Wayne the second time he and Christina Milian got back together.

Naturally, if Lil Wayne and Christina Milian started to spend more time together, there are plenty of fans that will be overjoyed to see them interacting. If they actually get back together for a third time, fans will definitely want to see what Lil Wayne and Christina Milian's relationship is like behind-the-scenes.

In addition to Christina Milian stating that she potentially wants Lil Wayne back in her life, Lil Wayne may be putting out some hints about how he is not over Christina Milian.

For example, around May 23, Rolling Out states that Lil Wayne's song "Hype" with Drake contains the following lyrics that make it sound like he wants her back.

"You see my team is right next to me. You don't see Tina right next to me. I thank her for takin' my breath from me. But the second me gon' be the better me."

Obviously, Christina Milian has a lot going on in her professional and personal life, but there is a lot about Lil Wayne's life that might be interesting to find out about.

For example, the press loved Lil Wayne's eldest daughter, Reginae Carter, when she did episodes for My Super Sweet 16. There are also a lot of questions about Lil Wayne that need to be answered due to his first wife, Toya Wright, having her own appearances on the reality series, Love and Hip Hop (also on VH1).

Other Lil Wayne-related news that could be cleared up on Season 3 of Christina Milian's Turned Up or his VH1 show include his relationship with Paris Hilton since she signed to Cash Money Records and created a documentary about the experiences, according to The Guardian.

Lil Wayne's ongoing lawsuit drama related to his situation with Birdman and Cash Money, as described by Forbes, could also be interesting for fans that watch either the VH1 or Christina Milian reality series.

Finally, there are always fun aspects to being a celebrity, and "The People's Duck" named Lil Wayne, according to Hoodline, is only one of many examples.

For now, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are not being forthcoming in public about being back together, and this rekindling of romance is in the rumor stages.

In the near future, Lil Wayne will be performing on May 28 in Phoenix along with three shows in June, according to his Facebook events page, and Christina Milian is still working out to prepare for her role as Magenta for FOX's Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Lil Wayne will also be featured on DJ Khaled's upcoming album, Major Key, according to Entertainment Weekly.

[Picture by Scott Roth/Invision/AP]