LeeAnne Locken On ‘RHOD’ Co-Stars: Judgment ‘Hurts And Confuses Me’

LeeAnne Locken is very serious about her charity work in Dallas, and she wants to portray this image on The Real Housewives of Dallas. LeeAnne is very serious about how she comes across when she's out at social events, so she doesn't like how she lost her cool with her co-stars at Marie Reyes' cocktail party. The party, which aired a few weeks ago on The Real Housewives of Dallas, resulted in Locken throwing a cocktail at her co-stars and her flipping out on Stephanie Hollman after Hollman called her "classy."

According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken may have felt a bit bad about the incident because she felt that she had to apology to Stephanie. Of course, Hollman broke down completely because she was so surprised and shocked that Locken would throw the drink and then yell in her face about defending Brandi Redmond. For a while, LeeAnne felt bad about the incident and wanted to apologize to Stephanie, but her apology may not have happened if LeeAnne knew what her co-stars were saying about her behind her back.

"Watching the episode back, I realize now that I don't think I owed Stephanie quite the apology I gave her, especially after hearing how she went into the conversation with such preconceived notions. The night I 'flipped out,' she had truly provoked me when she said, 'Classy.' She made her move and wasn't prepared to deal with it," LeeAnne Locken explains on her Bravo blog, hinting that she did lose control with the other ladies.

On her blog, Locken opens up about her feelings and admits that she was scared to reach out to Stephanie to apologize. She knew that she was taking a risk since Brandi and Hollman are close. LeeAnne just wanted to settle the drama, and she really did put herself out there to apologize. But when Stephanie told the cameras that the apology was more for Locken than for her, LeeAnne was hurt. She claims it took guts to get Stephanie out for a meeting and then to apologize.

"The truth is, I was terrified to call her and try to make amends, because I was scared it would do more harm than good, but I sucked it up and did it anyway because I felt it was the right move. Wait a second. You think I wanted to do that?" LeeAnne Locken reveals on her blog.

In her blog, Locken explains that she didn't want to apologize for herself. And that sit-down, plus this entire episode, proved one thing for LeeAnne Locken: the women are judgmental and hurtful. Locken claims that she has approached all of the ladies with the goal of making peace and she's been pushed away by them.

"I've approached each one of the women with intentions to make amends and develop some form of a relationship. But in their confessionals, all I hear is that they want nothing to do with me. This hurts and confuses me, because to my face they seem so genuine and receptive of the effort I put in, but later I find out that it was for nothing. Effort was made on my end; I just wish they could see that," LeeAnne revealed on her blog.

As it turns out, LeeAnne is good at saying things herself that are hurtful and mean. On The Real Housewives of Dallas last night, she called Cary Deuber a skank as she was leaving the cocktail party that was being featured on the episode. Plus, she's very aggressive when it comes to talking about herself, often making herself look like the victim.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken's behavior on The Real Housewives of Dallas? Do you think she's right in what she's saying, or do you think she may be misunderstanding some of the situations with her co-stars?

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