Kailyn Lowry Determined To Show No Weakness: Javi Marroquin Gives Up On Marriage?

Kailyn Lowry has gone through every kind of rumor when it comes to her marriage to Javi Marroquin. This Teen Mom couple is still married, but a divorce could be looming once Javi returns home from Qatar, where he is currently stationed for a few more months. The couple has been trying to keep the marriage alive throughout this time apart, but it sounds like Lowry is causing some trouble with her tweets, her lack of tweets to Javi, and her stone-cold demeanor. The two have unfollowed one another on social media, they have ignored each other’s vague tweets and they have now gone to the tabloids to talk about cheating rumors.

According to a new set of tweets, Kailyn Lowry decided to continue this situation last night on Twitter as the newest episode of Teen Mom aired. While many were still confused about last week’s episode, where Lowry received a text message from another man — while FaceTiming with her husband — Kailyn isn’t about to set any record straight. In fact, she has no plans of showing any kinds of feelings.

“Show no feelings, show no weakness,” Lowry tweeted last night as Teen Mom aired, to which one person replied, “showing feelings takes strength. Hiding them screams weakness,” having many others agree with the fan.

Of course, Kailyn Lowry has been accused of being the bad guy in this marital crisis. While Javi was the bad guy initially due to his requests and jealousy, people are quickly changing their minds after seeing her cold tweets, her odd comments and then the infamous text message on Teen Mom. Plus, Lowry recently did a video for school, where she insinuates that she’s going to hook up with another man. A condom wrapper is also in the video. And this little stunt caused many fans to question her loyalty to her husband. But Lowry is used to the harsh criticism and she is now revealing that she’s been accused of using her children as an excuse.

“Someone once told me I use my kids and dogs as excuses. No bitch, they are my LIFE,” Lowry then tweeted, and then adding later, “Can’t expect everyone to be real, too much responsibility.”

Lowry hasn’t been very vocal about their rumored divorce. But she is getting tired of people inserting themselves where they shouldn’t. Kailyn could be referring to people’s guesses as to whether or not they are indeed getting a divorce when Javi comes home and she is clearly frustrated about the entire situation. But people don’t think she has a right to be.

“Why do people insert themselves into situations they have no business being in? What exactly do people get out of fabricating shit?” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter to which people had plenty of reactions, including, “b/c you have chosen to be on TV with millions of followers/fans therefore they are invested into your personal life. #uchosethat,” and “b/c you guys are playing games on Twitter so everyone can see!!! If you want shit to be private then be PRIVATE!!! Common sense.”

Oh they lovin the crew ????

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One person even suggested that Kailyn Lowry should get off the show if it bothers her so much, writing, “its a natural repercussion of what happens when you broadcast your life on TV for money. Get off the show if it bugs u so much.”

As for Marroquin, his Twitter was supposedly hacked and deleted. But the Star Glam got some screenshots of his tweets that were quite shocking. Apparently, he’s already planning on moving on, as he’s tweeting things like women in his future, talking about walking away knowing he gave it his all, and saying he will always treat Lowry with respect. Lastly, he told a follower that he hopes Kailyn gets the life she thinks she’s going to have.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s cold tweets? Do you think the marriage is over now for good?

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