Josh Duggar Is Hoping To Get His Own Reality Show

Josh Duggar hasn’t been seen on reality television in a while now, but it turns out that he is trying to get his own reality television show. Josh has slowly started going out and about, and according to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar is now trying to get his own reality show. Josh spent six months in rehab for his sex addiction and has now moved back home to be with his family again. Life is back to normal for Josh Duggar.

Josh Duggar is now working at the family’s used car lot, and he is talking to customers. Josh was spotted out on a mini-golf outing with his family. The oldest Duggar son is back to normal life, and for Josh, normal life is reality television. That means he wants to get back to reality TV because, of course, that is where the money is, and Josh has four kids to take care of at home.

A source close to the family shared with Us Weekly that Josh Duggar wants to get back in the good graces of the public. He is really hoping to do this and wants them to embrace the idea of him on reality television again. The source went on to explain that Josh Duggar wants to make good money and said, “He’ll stop at nothing to get back in front of the cameras again, especially because he’s broke and has no prospect of work. Getting another reality show is the only way he can think of to make real money.”

The source went on to explain that Josh Duggar has big plans to get back in the good graces of the viewers. He knows that he will have to do a few things to make them happy. The source shared that “Josh is having Anna reach out to people like Dr. Phil and Megyn Kelly so he can have his mea culpa moment. If that goes well and people are sympathetic towards him, he is sure he can convince TLC to give him and Anna a spin-off – something to do with healing their marriage within the Christian faith.”

This will not be easy for Josh Duggar, though. It is going to take a lot for Josh to win back the viewers. It may also be hard for him to find someone who will want to advertise on a show that has Josh Duggar involved in it. At this time, Jill & Jessa: Counting On has not been renewed for another season, but it has also not been canceled.

The Facebook page Duggar Family: Life is Not all Pickles and Hairspray shared that Josh Duggar is reconnecting with his wife’s, Anna Duggar’s, family. Anna’s grandmother recently passed away, and they headed to see the family. Josh and Anna attended the funeral along with their children. Anna’s sister posted a picture that shows Josh Duggar with the Keller family, and everyone seems happy spending time together.

Josh Duggar is seen sitting by Daniel Keller in one picture. The crazy thing is that Daniel was actually talking bad about Josh during the scandal, so maybe he has finally decided to move on as well.

If Josh Duggar can win over Anna’s family again, then maybe he can find a way to win over the viewers, as well. Josh has a lot of people who forgive him, but others do not want anything to do with Josh and would never watch a show that he was on.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Duggar wants to get his own new reality show? Do you think that a network would be interested in a show that has Josh on it? Sound off in the comments below.

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