Going green with your business card, and I do mean green

Steven Hodson

As much as we like to think that things like business cards are no longer important in our digital world the fact is that they are still a very valuable tool for anyone in business. However like everything old we are seeing totally new ways to make business cards a little more useful and memorable. From companies like Moo Cards to off the wall ideas like meat cards and Lego business cards.

Furthering that trend I present you with business cards made from tree leaves. I can see this being a great idea for environmental type companies and individuals after all what better way to make sure someone remembers you than giving them a big old oak leaf with your contact info etched in it by a laser.

The resulting leaves are simple, stunning when looked at against the sunlight, and the best part is that if they are thrown away, there is no adverse effect on the environment. Design Firm Tatil Design of Brazil came up with the elegant marketing idea, which they recently used in 2008 during the 55th Cannes Advertising Festival to promote their "Designing Naturally" workshop. Natural Medium, which is what they call their amazing laser cut leaves, was so popular and well received at the festival that it won the Bronze Award for the 2009 International Design Excellence Awards in Eco Design.

Source: Inhabitat :: Laser Cut Leaves are Nature's Unique Business Cards

Source: Inhabitat :: Laser Cut Leaves are Nature's Unique Business Cards