'Teen Mom 2' Star Makes 'Mama June' Mistake, Posted Picture Of Daughter Kissing Registered Sex Offender

It seems as though Mama June may not be the only reality star mom who has potentially put her young daughter in danger by hanging out with a registered sex offender. A Teen Mom 2 star is also guilty of exposing her own daughter to similar danger -- and no, it's not Leah Messer.

Instead, it is 24-year-old Chelsea Houska, who is typically seen as a fairly responsible mom in the Teen Mom line-up, who not only allowed a registered sex offender around her 6-year-old daughter Aubree, but posted a picture of Aubree giving the man a kiss on the cheek.

The man in question is the husband of a friend of Chelsea's, and, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the 31-year-old male was convicted of sexual assault. The assault, which was classified as third degree rape, occurred in 2007, in South Dakota.

The man's victim was only 15-years-old.

Though the man now lives in Texas rather than South Dakota, he will remain on the National Sex Offender registry for the entirety of his life.

The news of the picture showing little Aubree planting a kiss on the cheek of a sex offender comes after Chelsea's ex and the "bad boy" daddy of Aubree, Adam Lind, got into some hot water himself for exposing both of his young daughters to a friend with a history of sex offenses.

In April, an episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Aubree's dad, Adam, who is 26, taking his daughters to a trampoline park, which is actually a pretty good dad move on his part. However, he was accompanied by two of his own pals, and one of them, Bruce Crawford, had been arrested just a month before for forcing an indecent picture of a particular body part of his own onto a 17-year-old girl in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And that wasn't even his first run-in with the law, or even with sexual assault; he had previously been arrested for indecent exposure in 2008.

To make matters worse, it was reported that Crawford was with two small children at the time, according to Radar Online.

"Crawford, 25, who was with two small children at the time, allegedly refused to stop showing the X-rated photo to the 17-year-old female cashier, bragging 'it's ten inches.'

"The alleged victim told police that Crawford, a stranger, preyed on her when she scanned his purchases at a local South Dakota sporting goods store."

Houska's father, Randy, who has been a steady presence in both Chelsea's and Aubree's lives, posted that Aubree's family was aware of Lind's bad decision in allowing his sex offender friend to accompany his daughters to the trampoline park, and that the family was taking action.

The photo of Aubree and the sex offender appears to have been deleted by Chelsea, but it was originally posted back in December of 2011, and the Teen Mom 2 star has not yet made any comment about the potential scandal.

All of this, of course, calls to mind the scandal TLC had on its hands after it came out that Mama June, matriarch of the once-hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, was allowing her children to be exposed to a registered sex offender -- the man was a child molester who had actually assaulted one of Mama June's own daughters! TLC ended up cancelling the show in the wake of the scandal, despite Mama June's desperate and repeated assertions that the convicted child molester was not actually a part of their lives. Honey Boo Boo herself recently spoke out on the abrupt, shocking way in which she learned her hit show had been cancelled. For more on that, click here.

Reality shows are always good for a scandal, and Teen Mom 2 always seems to provide plenty of them. Fortunately, Chelsea's little girl now has a steady, positive male presence in her life, in the form of her mom's new fiance, Cole DeBoer.

What do you think about Chelsea exposing her daughter to potential danger by allowing her to be around a registered sex offender? Or was it an honest parenting mistake made by Chelsea Houska?

[Image via Teen Mom 2/Facebook]