WWE News: Backstage Report On The Rumors Of Lilian Garcia's Release & Her Future In The WWE

When the initial round of WWE cuts were released at the beginning of the month, Lilian Garcia's name was not among them. No big deal there, as no news is good news in this case. But then, a little over a week after WWE's "Black Friday," Lilian Garcia was trending all over social media for all the wrong reasons and what turned out to be an erroneous report. Or, at least, it seemed that way.

Both Court Bauer and Dave Meltzer went public with the news that Garcia had, in fact, been released, but WWE had not publicly confirmed the news. So, of course, the rumor circulated all over the internet and was picked up by hundreds of outlets, causing the "Lilian Garcia" to trend on Facebook and Twitter. It wasn't long before Lilian herself got wind of the reports and was forced to issue a statement.

Here's a portion of what she originally wrote on her Facebook page.

"Imagine my surprise today when I woke up to find out that I was among the top trends in the world on twitter! What for, I said to myself….wait, does that say 'Lilian Garcia released from WWE'?? That's when I knew I had to set the story straight. As you know, I have been absent from TV for the past few weeks missing 'WWE Payback' & two 'WWE Monday Night Raw's'. I mentioned on twitter that it was due to a family member being ill. Well, that family member is my father. He has been battling bladder cancer and multiple Myeloma (blood cancer) and due to a reaction to the chemotherapy, he became very ill these past two weeks."
Lilian would go on to describe what her father and family had gone through due to his illness. She thanked everyone for their support and revealed that she'd be back on the following week's RAW, which she was. Seemed like the end of the story. But, as so often is the case, there was more to it. The Daily Wrestling News is now reporting that where there was smoke, there was fire. Lilian is still working for WWE, but multiple sources indicated to DWN that she was indeed headed for the chopping block.

It appears there was a lack of communication within the WWE offices as it pertained to Lilian Garcia and her job status. Some were aware of Lilian being away from the company to care for her ailing father, while the others didn't seem to know. It looks like someone from the camp that was not in the know leaked the news about her job being in jeopardy and are still getting heat about it. It's worthwhile to note that Garcia thanked the company for their support in her original Facebook statement, so she at least knew some higher-ups were aware of her situation.

What's more, and maybe most important to Lilian Garcia and her fans, is that sources informed DWN that there is no reason to believe that her job is at risk now or in the near future. Ring announcers have gotten more than their fair share of headlines recently through no fault of their own. One of Lilian's colleagues, Eden Stiles, has been in the news because of her husband. Cody Rhodes was granted his release on Sunday, but Eden has decided to remain with the company. When she entered the ring at Extreme Rules, she was met with Cody chants, and to no one's surprise, supported her husband on social media.

There have been reports that another round of releases are expected to be announced by the end of the month, but for now, it appears that Lilian Garcia's job is safe.

[Image via WWE]