Leah Messer Furious With Miranda Simms: Is She An Evil Stepmother?

Leah Messer is learning a thing or two about how her children are treated at Corey Simms' home on Teen Mom. Leah always thought that Corey would put his own children first, but she's learning that things run a little differently when Miranda Simms is in charge. While Messer will cater and do just about anything for her children, Miranda is showing that her own daughter is a top priority and her stepchildren can care for themselves.

According to a new Radar Online report, Leah Messer is now learning that her daughter, Ali, is forced to carry her heavy backpack when she's staying with Corey and Miranda, as Ali's stepmother doesn't seem to have the energy to help her out. And Messer is furious after learning about this, as Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy and struggles as it is with walking and carrying heavy items. In fact, she recently got a wheelchair to help her get around more easily.

"Miranda always gets mad at me cause my backpack is too heavy," Ali revealed in a recording that Leah received, adding, "I give her my backpack when it's too heavy... she says, 'Ali, I have to hold the baby.'"

In the recording, Ali shared some details about life with Corey and Miranda, and Messer was shocked. Of course, the two now have a daughter together, Remington, and she was born early and had to be at the hospital for a few weeks. But Messer believes that Miranda should treat her stepchildren the same way as her own daughter. In the recording, Ali revealed that Remi "always gets to get attention."

Messer was shocked to hear that her daughter is struggling when she's staying at Corey's for the week, and she was at a loss as to what to do about it. As it turns out, Leah was also angry at her ex-husband for letting the situation happen.

"I can't watch it without getting angry or wanting to cry... I don't know what to do," Leah told her sister Victoria, who responded, "Carry the f**king backpack too!"

Of course, Leah Messer is getting plenty of support from her sister. Messer's sister knows Corey and Miranda, and one can imagine she's just as upset as her sister is.

"There's nothing wrong with you going down there and saying, 'I'm tired of my kids hurting.' Ali has a condition, she can't help it that she can't carry the damn backpack. So the lazy b***h needs to pick the backpack up and carry it for her period. There is no reason that kid should feel that way," Leah Messer's sister continued, showing clear support for Leah, who added that she was completely shocked at Miranda's behavior.

Messer was clearly confused as to what to do, as she wanted to be there for her children. But she also thinks that Corey should have stepped up a little bit, telling his wife that Ali needs a bit more help.

"It is Corey's fault just as much as it is Miranda's," Leah said, pointing the finger at her ex-husband, adding, "I would have never, ever thought he would allow this to ever happen to our kids."

The treatment of Ali may be linked to the fact that Leah and Miranda simply don't get along. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Messer has previously revealed that she cheated with Corey around the time he got married to Simms. She clearly wasn't happy about it and she's been checking Corey's text messages and phone calls from Messer. Plus, Leah claims that Simms always has to be present whenever she's talking to Corey.

What do you think of Miranda's treatment of Ali? Do you think Leah Messer has a right to be upset?

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