Hillary Clinton’s Lead Evaporates, Trails Donald Trump In Presidential Race According To New Poll

Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls is quickly evaporating, proving once again that Donald Trump is a master of self-promotion.

Wayne Allyn Root of Fox News wrote that Hillary Clinton supporters should be worried considering that even if she squeaks past Bernie Sanders, she won’t enjoy the clear majority.

“I ask Democrats, is this your nominee? The winner of your presidential nomination has lost just shy of 80 percent of her races coming down the homestretch,” he taunted. “If Hillary were a racehorse with that record, she’d be sent home.”

The latest polls have been divided. Whereas NBC’s in-house survey shows Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by three percentage points, FOX’s poll showed a different result. In that poll, the billionaire is up three points. However, both are still statistically tied due to the margin of error.

Nevertheless, what’s clear is that Hillary Clinton’s lead is shrinking compared to the double-digit she previously had over Donald Trump.

In fact, CNN expects the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to be a nail-biter finish.

It seems Donald Trump has mastered the art of self-promotion even at the risk of alienating leaders of his own party. It can be recalled that Hillary Clinton even managed to enlist the help of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and even Mitt Romney in an earlier attack ad against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump remains unapologetic, but to be fair, he has been toeing the party line since a few weeks back.

Roger Stone, Donald Trump’s political advisor, said that the real estate mogul’s campaign will continue to be unfiltered.

The latest attack ad by Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton only underscored that the billionaire businessman is very much willing to dirty up the whole campaign on his way to the top.

Hillary Clinton, for her part, appeared unbothered by the attack ad. She is also unfazed by Donald Trump’s rise in the polls. Ultimately, she claimed, American voters will realize that the former The Apprentice host is not the right candidate to steer the country forward.

“I think people can judge his campaign for what it is,” she said. “I’m going to run my campaign.”

“I’m not so much running against him as I am running for the kind of future that I think America deserves to have and that I believe I’m the best candidate to deliver.”

Perhaps Hillary Clinton is reeling from the blows following the recent reports on Bill Clinton’s alleged infidelities that, if true, are downright criminal in nature.

Nevertheless, putting more stock in the polls than their worth is a bad idea considering that the November election is still very far away. There should be a clearer picture of the front-runner this August. The fact that Donald Trump has narrowed or even overtaken the lead against Hillary Clinton, however, should be a reason for pause from the time he was dismissed as a joke when he first announced his intention to run.

Underestimating the real estate mogul was a costly mistake that Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush only realized too late. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party, in general, should be wary of making the same error. One thing in the former First Lady’s favor is that the swing votes are still with her. The question of how long is another story.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]