'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Episode 6: Margaery To Do The Walk Of Penance?

King's Landing was missing from this week's episode of Game of Thrones Season 6, but it will be back next week. The trailer makes it look like Margaery Tyrell will do the Walk of Penance, despite Cersei and Olenna saying it will be bad for her as queen.

Cersei doing the Walk of Penance at the end of Season 5 was bad enough. The people lost respect for her after seeing her walk naked and being allowed to throw rotten food, dirt, and feces at her. Fit wasn't disastrous for the monarchy, though. She was the king's mother, the former queen. She no longer needed to command the same sort of respect as a queen.

This is why it will be disastrous for Margaery to do this walk. By admitting sins and allowing herself to be subjected to this, she will lose all respect of the people and would never be able to act as queen again. Surely, she should know this, but it looks like after the week before, she wants to do this for her brother.

Loras is having a very difficult time locked away. He is ready to break and doesn't care about the family name anymore. Margaery is terrified about this, so will want to do as much as possible to keep him safe.

A battle between the religious fanatics in King's Landing and the king's guard has been promised from the beginning of Game of Thrones Season 6. Cersei wants revenge for what happened to her, and Jaime wants to help get that revenge. He also wants to prevent his son/nephew from being brainwashed by the High Sparrow.

While this has been a battle expected towards the end of the season, it looks like it may start in Episode 6. The trailer shows the High Sparrow talking to the people, saying that Margaery is ready to atone for her sins. Margaery is stood in a similar way Cersei was, although her hair has not be cut short.

Does this mean that Margaery will atone in a different way? Will she speak to the people to admit her sins? Is it possible that the High Sparrow isn't just speaking to the people of King's Landing, but mostly to the king's guard?

As for the king's guard, they have formed an army and are standing in front of the High Sparrow. It looks like they are ready to attack if they need, with the religious fanatics following the High Sparrow surrounding him and Margaery.

Is it possible that the war against the religion will take place in Episode 6, leaving Episodes 8 and 9 for another battle? There are still many battle possibilities in Game of Thrones this season, with Sansa and Jon working on building an army to take back Winterfell and Daenerys back to strength with an army ready to take on Westeros. Bran and Meera are now alone facing an army of White Walkers.

It would make sense for a battle to take place sooner rather than later, and the one against the religious fanatics seems to be the smaller one out of the lot. It would also mean that Margaery can be reunited with the family, and an effort put in to save Loras from them later.

According to The Independent, a battle is certainly coming up of some sort in Episode 6 Blood of My Blood. Jaime is definitely facing off against the High Sparrow, but will it be the big battle that many have expected so soon? Game of Thrones Season 6 continues on Sundays on HBO at 9pm.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]