Apple iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1 Unleashed

Apple released iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 for developers. The latest test version of the Cupertino-based tech giant's mobile firmware has build number 13G12, according to the official Apple Developer page.

This pre-release version of iOS 9.3.3 is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The post also noted that "[d]evices updated to iOS 9.3.3 cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS." Moreover, Phone Dog specified that the iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 is compatible with iPhone 4S to iPhone 6S as well as both the sixth and fifth generation of the iPod Touch. Moreover, iPad Mini models to iPad Pro can also be installed with the iO 9.3.3 beta 1 update.

There is no word yet on the features and changes included in the iOS 9.3.3 version of the Apple firmware. Being a minor update, it would be difficult to expect huge changes and major additional features from the iOS 9.3.3 beta 1. Most likely, the latest beta firmware only brings in bug fixes and system improvements.

Below is Everything Apple Pro's full review for the iOS 9.3.3 beta 1, as posted on YouTube.

Also, MacRumors noted that the iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 hasn't been made available (at least yet) for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which could mean that the newest test build does not have a fix for the recent issue reported by some of the users noting that the tablet got bricked upon installation of iOS 9.3.2. Earlier reports noted that Apple pulled out the iOS 9.3.2 update for the 9.7-inch variant of iPad Pro and it has not been re-released yet.

The release of iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 came a week after the public launch of iOS 9.3.2. Cult of Mac reported that iOS 9.3.2 came with minor functionalities such as the simultaneous use of Power Saving Mode and Night Shift.

iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 available for iPhone 4S to iPhone 6S
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Aside from the iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 release, Apple also rolled out new beta versions of its other platforms. The first beta build for OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 has been released as well with build number 15G7a. According to Apple Support page, the latest El Capitan version released to the public, v.10.11.5, "improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all El Capitan users."

Furthermore, Apple TV's firmware also got a new beta test build. tvOS 9.2.2 beta 1 was also unleashed by Apple. A separate report from Cult of Mac explained that to install the latest beta update, the Apple TV needs to be connected to a Mac via USB. Accordingly, the newest tvOS beta carrying build number 13Y807 brings in security enhancements and bug fixes.

In addition, MacRumors mentioned that betas for tvOS are more challenging to install compared to iOS and OS X beta updates.

"Installing the tvOS beta requires the Apple TV to be connected to a computer with a USB-C to USB-A cable, with the software downloaded and installed via iTunes or Apple Configurator," the report explained. "Once a beta profile has been installed on the device through iTunes, new beta releases will be available over the air."

iOS 9.3.3 beta 1, tvOS 9.2.2 beta 1 and OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 beta 1 Released by Apple
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Apple Insider's post specified where developers can download these beta updates.

"All three betas are available to registered developers via the Apple Developer Center. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 beta 1 can also be downloaded from the Mac App Store, while iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 and tvOS 9.2.2 beta 1 can be acquired from their respective software update mechanisms if the requisite beta certificates have been installed."

Basically, the newest beta builds from Apple only brought in minor tweaks. For those looking forward to new and major features, big announcements about the next major iteration of the iOS platform as well as other Apple firmware might happen during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. Specifically, the iPhone maker is expected to unveil iOS 10 at WWDC 2016.

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