Kris Jenner’s Legacy Business School ‘Scam’ For ‘Global Elite’ Cheating Foreign Students?

Kris Jenner recently started an incredibly expensive for-profit business school in NYC’s Trump Tower called Legacy Business School. Many sources that report on the school call the operation “shady” and argue that the establishment, led by board chairman Jenner and CEO Alessandro Nomellini, aims to take advantage of unsuspecting foreign students.

“As someone who always expects the best, I was drawn to Alessandro’s concept of a white-glove business school, offering the finest amenities, with luxuries that you’d expect from a school created for the global elite,” was Kris Jenner’s response when she was asked at a recent event located in Dubai why she wanted to start the school.

The Young Turks, a YouTube news channel, points out that Jenner’s implication that “the global elite” is the kind of student the school is trying to create says a lot about the school’s mission and worldview: it is meant to make Jenner and her cohorts money by any means possible. Period.

In a very lengthy report they wrote on Jenner’s school, The Daily Beast points out that tuition is a whopping $105,360 per year and that the credits and certificates earned there are not actually recognized by any academic establishments outside of Kris’ “college.”

Many of those familiar with the American school system may be able to spot the fact that the school is a “scam,” as the folks on The Young Turks insist, so foreign students, used to the less strictly regulated education laws in their home countries, are the main demographic falling into Jenner’s trap of paying huge amounts to study for what some might call a “worthless” degree. The report suggests that Jenner and the rest of the school’s heads realize this and are intentionally profiting off the foreign students and their families.

The Daily Beast looks at the example of Daria Kurnygina, a Russian girl who applied to Kris Jenner’s Legacy Business School for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Shortly after Kurnygina applied, she became aware of the very steep tuition fee, at which time she let the school know that she would have to withdraw her application; her family did not have that kind of money. To that, Jenner’s school responded that Daria need not worry; they would offer her a 65 percent discount, making her tuition for a year only $36,000 or so (when one says “only $36,000,” one is talking about Kris Jenner standards).

“It was still expensive but I was so glad that they accepted me,” Kurgygina said.

She enjoyed her first year. She tells The Daily Beast that Kris Jenner had not been lying about the school’s students being treated like the global elite. Daria was waited on hand and foot, and her surroundings were very luxurious.

“Everyone is educated and they do stuff that impresses us,” she said.

“When you’re there they treat you like you are very rich.”

The year ended with a star-studded gala that exemplified the feeling of luxury Jenner had been aiming for. The gala allowed students to hobnob with some of the richest and most influential business and entertainment icons in the United States, including the Jenner-Kardashian family and Donald Trump.

All good things come to an end, though, and when the year came to a close, Jenner’s school revoked Kurnygina’s $66,000 scholarship.

Of course, the Kurnygina family was still unable to pay the $105,000 tuition fee Jenner’s school asked, so she attempted to transfer to another higher learning institution with a lower price tag than Kris’s Legacy Business School. Of course, due to the fact that the school’s credits were not recognized, she could not transfer without starting over as a freshman.

“I had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to transfer my [Legacy Business School] work. I thought if I studied in America, then the school was good.”

Kurnygina added that she was not the only one that fell into the trap Jenner’s school had laid out for foreigners. In fact, she recounted, almost all of her classmates at Legacy Business school had been foreign students who had also received sizable scholarships from Kris.

The New York State Education Department has even contacted law enforcement in an attempt to shut down Jenner’s school, but law enforcement has stated that they have no record of Jenner’s offensive activities.

Kris Jenner herself has not responded to any press inquiries about the controversial school and continues to trumpet the institution’s praises, reports Business Insider.

“It’s really going to give students access to new jobs that there never were before,” said Jenner on a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“Students can learn how to be a fashion blogger or a designer, for example, but also be taught how important it is to implement the branding and management behind it. There’s definitely a focus on business and fashion.”

Unfortunately, Kris, students have to be incredibly wealthy to graduate.

What do you think of the latest money-making venture from Kris Jenner, a woman who has been known to alienate even her daughters? Make yourself heard in the comments section.

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