Grant Kemp Of 'The Bachelorette' Dumped Longtime Girlfriend To Be On Show

Grant Kemp is one of the guys trying to find love on The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher, but now news is coming out that he left behind his longtime girlfriend to be on the show. A source went to Twitter and shared that she is a friend of the girl that Grant Kemp left behind to be on the show and she isn't holding back. Reality Steve actually shared this tweet on his page as well. So far, the girl that Grant left isn't speaking up, but you never know when she will decide it is time to share her side of the story.

Erin Aschow shared that she doesn't normally blast people like this, but Grant was dating a friend of hers, and she is obviously upset. Erin says that the girl he was dating was amazing, but the way that Grant Kemp left her was not at all. She revealed that Grant actually broke up with her and didn't explain why and even turned off his phone. She is trying to get everyone to share this post and make it go viral.

The crazy part is that this source says Grant Kemp met the producers of The Bachelorette because of the girl he was dating. Grant allegedly went behind her back to get on the show, and it worked for him. She also shared that the roman numeral tattoo that he has was for this girl he was dating. Grant got the tattoo for the flight number of the flight he met this girl on. Of course, you know that Grant is not going to share this with JoJo on the show.

After sharing this tweet about Grant Kemp, Reality Steve went to Twitter and shared that he had already heard about this before today. He said, "Got that email about Grant five weeks ago. Guess someone didn't like seeing him on TV tonight. Ouch." Now that this news about Grant is out, Steve may end up getting a lot more information.

If you check out Grant Kemp on his Instagram, he makes sure to reveal that he is a model. He even has a link to his modeling agency on his profile. Grant has several pictures of himself that show off his modeling skills. It makes it look like Grant might be on the show for the wrong reasons. It is very obvious that being a model is important to him.

A lot of the time, guys join the show The Bachelorette so that they can further their career. There are guys on this season, such as Luke Pell, who are singers. Grant Kemp is a model. Other guys could be looking to further their acting careers. Sometimes these people join the show for the wrong reasons, but then end up finding love anyway. Grant might be looking for love, but the circumstances do make him look like he is looking to further his career.

One thing that could work out for Grant is this makes him the perfect fit for Bachelor in Paradise. They like to put people on this show that cause drama or don't find love on The Bachelorette. If Grant Kemp doesn't win JoJo Fletcher's heart, it is possible that he could end up on that show. They will end up picking up a few guys from this season for sure and this show will start filming in just a few weeks.

Are you shocked to hear that Grant Kemp left a girlfriend so he could join the show? Do you think that Grant is on the show for the right reasons? Don't miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC. It looks like Grant won't be going home right away.

[Image via Instagram]