‘Sister Wives’ News: Meri Brown Says She Was Brainwashed During Catfishing Scandal

Meri Brown may have been having an emotional affair behind her husband Kody’s back, but she doesn’t seem to think that she did something wrong. Radar Online revealed that Meri is actually saying that she was brainwashed by the person who catfished her. She really does feel like a victim, which she is, but Meri seems to be avoiding talking about the fact that she was married when this all happened.

Meri is now speaking out and saying that she was a victim. A woman pretended to be a man and tricked her into getting to know her better. Meri went to Twitter and shared several things last night that reveals how she is feeling. She posted one thing showing that she was the victim. Meri said that both men and women can be victims of catfishing. She also talked about signs that you are being catfished, such as someone refusing to meet you. Meri Brown wants to bring awareness to catfishing and do what she can to keep it from happening to someone else.

One other thing that Meri Brown shared was that she had never even heard the word catfishing before this happened to her. The person who was doing catfishing her is actually the one who told her about the word. Meri thought she was talking to a man, but it turned out that she was talking to a woman named Jackie Overton. On a recent episode of the show, Meri Brown shared saying, “Kody, this person got so far into my head that I didn’t know what end was up sometimes. And I’m still trying to get her out of there.”

Another thing that Meri shared on Twitter was a post about brainwashing. It said that you could do this by isolating the victim and sending them inconsistent messages. It went on to reveal you can mix this up by adding in some kind of abuse and sleep deprivation and a few other things then stir well. This is what Meri obviously feels like happened to her. She was a victim, even though she was emotionally involved with this person.

Meri did share that she was mad at Kody at times. Only time will tell if these two can find a way to work through their relationship. Kody has been with Meri longer than anyone else. They only have one child together, and this daughter has already moved out of the house. Right now, Meri Brown is still with Kody and hasn’t left the family. She is trying to work things out with her sister wife Janelle and hopefully can work things out with Kody as well.

Starcasm shared some of the details about what Meri Brown said on the special Catching a Catfisher. Meri did have plans to meet him in person and admitted that they were very flirty during their messages to each other. The person bailed on meeting her and sent his best friend Lindsay instead, which made Meri uncomfortable. Meri shared that Lindsay actually threatened her. She said, “She basically told me, ‘Don’t ever screw with us. Don’t mess with him. Don’t hurt him. I will ruin your life. And I will ruin your family.” Meri was scared, but she eventually told her family everything that was going on and they have stuck by her side through it all.

Are you shocked to hear that Meri Brown feels like she was brainwashed by the person who catfished her? Do you think that Meri will end up leaving Kody eventually? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. On this season, you will get to see Meri trying to fix her relationships with the family.

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