Kim Kardashian’s New Hair, Reality TV Star Goes Blonde

Kim Kardashian’s new hair color was revealed on Friday and once again she’s a blonde. Kardashian personally revealed her new hair color on Twitter where she tweeted, “Blonde hair don’t care.”

Kim K’s twitter message was met with a link which gave an up close and personal sneak peek at the new coloring (shown above).

This is not the first time the reality TV star has went blonde, she showed off a similar color during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards but that coloring didn’t last long before she headed back towards her signature stark black look.

Kim fans were mixed about her decision with one tweeting “copying Miley” referring to Miley Cyrus’ recent change in hair color which also included hacking her hair to pieces sans Britney Spears meltdown.

The Kim K machine has been in major exposure mode lately. Kardashian was recently involved in a bit of controversy after she sported a prison orange jumpsuit. That jumpsuit look was later revealed as part of Kim’s role for an upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva which airs on Sunday, Aug. 26.

As silly as it sounds the drastic change in hair color has a way of turning the tide of public opinion for a TV or film star when negative publicity is constantly on their radar. Kim Kardashian’s blonde hairdo could be the distraction she was looking for at a time when her fake marriage and real divorce from Kris Humphries edges towards its final day in court.

You can spot Kim Kardashian with her more noticeable black hair when she appears in a three episode arc on Drop Dead Diva.