Lance Armstrong: Don’t Cry For Me

Lance Armstrong was recently stripped of all seven of his Tour de France titles but the cyclists says that no one should be feeling sorry for him.

Armstrong told the Chicago Tribune:

“Nobody needs to cry for me. I’m going to be great… I have five great kids and a wonderful lady in my life. My foundation is unaffected by all the noise out there. I think people understand that we’ve got a lot of stuff to do going forward. That’s what I’m focused on and I think people are supportive of that. It’s great to be out here.”

Armstrong recently decided to stop fighting the doping charges brought against him by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Shortly after the decision, Armstrong was stripped of all seven of his Tour de France titles and ban him for life from the sport.

Armstrong may have given up his fight but he still maintains that he is innocent. Donations to his Livestrong charity have actually increased over the last few days and several of Armstrong’s sponsors have come out saying that they still support the cyclist.

According to USA Today, Armstrong received contributions from 411 people on Friday compared to 42 on Thursday. The foundation received more than $80,000 on Friday, well above the site’s average of $3000.

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