October 17, 2016
Lyft And Uber San Diego Customers Warned Against 'Daniel' Driver In Ford Explorer

As seen in the above photo, former Uber driver Jason Dalton had to be removed from a courtroom by Kalamazoo County Deputies on Friday, May 20, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dalton was an Uber driver who is being charged with killing six people while he drove for Uber on February 20. As reported by Inquisitr, warnings about Dalton were posted on Facebook by a woman who called Jason an unsafe Uber driver who haphazardly drove 80 miles per hour.

Now, another warning about a Lyft driver is making the rounds on Imgur in a post titled "Attention San Diego Lyft/Uber Passengers" by a user named medik8me.

Warning: The warning about the Lyft driver contains language that might be offensive to some readers.

The post shows a photo of a Lyft driver reportedly named "Daniel," who is being called "psycho" by the person who posted his photo and Lyft information. With fears that other Lyft or Uber riders might encounter "Daniel" as a driver and experience what the Lyft customer allegedly experienced, the person described their harrowing ride in order to warn others in the San Diego area.

The person describes going out with her boyfriend and four friends, and ordering a Lyft to travel to Pacific Beach. A screenshot of the Lyft travel route was posted to the Imgur gallery. Upon arriving in their driveway, the Lyft driver reportedly drove really fast. The writer's boyfriend sat in the front passenger seat with the Lyft driver.

As soon as she directed the Lyft driver to take a left, she said that the Lyft driver began cursing at her and telling her to shut up. The Lyft driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, claims the customer.
"He was literally acting like he was drunk or high."
When the boyfriend became angry and defended his girlfriend, that's when things allegedly turned dangerous.
"At this point, my boyfriend got very upset and told him to respect his girlfriend and stop talking. The guy immediately started cussing out my boyfriend, telling him to shut the f*** up and don't talk to him like that in his own car. He was stuttering as he was cussing out my boyfriend. We get onto the highway, and he reaches over and UNBUCKLES my boyfriend's seat belt, and slams on the breaks. Then he looks over at my boyfriend, laughing, and says you better buckle up. We were literally going 80 mph, and my boyfriend luckily was able to stop himself from getting seriously hurt. At this point, we were all pretty scared. This guy basically just tried to physically hurt my boyfriend, while continuing to cuss us out. The guy exits the highway, and drops us off at a random street. We get out and stand on the curb, and when he pulls away, he purposefully jumped the curb and attempted to hit my friend with his car, who jumped out of the way."
With such a dramatic report, if true, this Lyft driver will likely be apprehended. The customer reported that she filed a police report and also notified Lyft of the problem, in addition to sharing her experience in order to warn any Lyft or Uber customers to steer clear of that specific driver.

Writing that she has never felt as unsafe as she felt in that Lyft on the night of Sunday, May 22, the Imgur poster is getting tons of feedback about the controversy. She is begging others to share her experience so that no one else will be endangered by Daniel, a Lyft driver that she calls a "psycho."


[Photo by Mark Bugnaski/Kalamazoo Gazette-MLive Media Group via AP, Pool]