Brad Pitt Saves Little Girl, 6, From Being Crushed By Mob

There’s plenty of negative publicity swirling around most actors these days, and the same holds true for Brad Pitt, as he and his wife, Angelina Jolie, battle divorce rumors and reports that Angelina continues to lose weight and is only weighing in at a frail 79 pounds. While none of that has been established as true, what is true is that the 52-year-old Brad Pitt has the eyes and instinct of a father, even when his own children aren’t with him. The actor is being credited with saving a little girl from serious injury when a crowd she was in became “overwhelmed” and a bit frenzied at the sight of Brad Pitt. She was being crushed against a fence that separated the crowd from the star and his team of agents and bodyguards.

Brad Pitt Almost Got Beat Up By Mike Tyson? Former Heavyweight Champ Talks Catching Angelina's Man With His Wife [Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty]

Pitt apparently noticed the small girl with her face crushed against the fence, and he quickly reached over and pulled her to safety, handing her off to one of his crew, according to Hollywood Life. The child was a 6-year-old girl, very small and sporting braided hair. It’s possible that many people simply did not see her. The results of such happenings in other places have been disastrous with people being killed by trampling or suffocation.

This event took place on Sunday night, May 22, on the set of Pitt’s new movie, Allied, parts of which are being filmed in Grand Canaria, Spain. That’s when Pitt noticed a large group of fans behind a metal fence trying to get his attention. Just feet away from him, he happened to see a glimpse of the small child being crushed against the fence and quickly pulled her to safety before he said a word to anyone. As a father of six, it’s no doubt his fight-or-flight adrenaline kicked in when he saw a child panicking and in trouble. He was captured by cameras with a look of serious concern on his face, and then relaxed when he saw the child was not injured. They shared some friendly banter before he handed her to her staff, but still stayed a foot or two away, ensuring her safety. Shortly after that she was reunited with her family. It’s unknown how she became so endangered, but out-of-nowhere celebrity sightings have caused crowds to behave in ways that are outside the realm of normal prior to this episode with Pitt.

Due to the child’s short stature, it’s very possible nobody could see her other than Brad Pitt, who was on the other side of the fence with a clear view of the crowd. What began as frightening ended very well for the child, who was lifted into the arms of Brad Pitt, and will no doubt have an amazing story to tell her friends.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie travel with their brood, including Pax Thien, Knox, Zahara and Shiloh.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie travel with their brood, including Pax Thien, Knox, Zahara and Shiloh. [Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images]

Pitt appeared calm after the episode and waved at the crowd. No other casualties or injuries were reported. Pitt has been in Grand Canaria, Spain, for lengths of time as he films his new movie, so it’s possible that people are waiting at places that he has known to be sighted previously while coming on or off the movie set.

Pitt’s popularity in the United States has spanned three decades, and he is at least as popular, if not more so, in various parts of the world. Known for his good looks, altruistic personality, and ability to adapt to various roles, it appears he has a new status to adapt to — that of hero.

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