‘Days Of Our Lives:’ Will [Spoiler] Help Jennifer Beat Her Addiction?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday are in. What can DOOL fans expect on the May 24 episode of the NBC soap opera?

Warning: Spoilers for Days Of Our Lives are ahead.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was recently revealed that an entire episode would be dedicated to Jennifer’s addiction. According to She Knows, that day is tomorrow, but Melissa Reeves‘ character will not be battling her demons alone. Julie will be by her side, but that isn’t all. Jennifer’s dead husband, Jack, will also appear.

“Itching for a fix, Jennifer attempts to break her pill-popping habit, which leads to a nightmarish night,” Soap Central revealed about the May 24 episode of the NBC soap opera. “Jennifer faces terrifying thoughts about how her dependency could ruin her relationships with her children and grandchild.”

As Days Of Our Lives fans know, Jennifer has two children: JJ and Abigail. Recently, Abigail married Chad DiMera, but had to check into a psychiatric facility. The DOOL character was experiencing hallucinations from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The website revealed that it will be mostly Jack who helps Jennifer the most. By the end of the episode, expect Reeves’ character to finally admit she is an addict.

The weekly promo clip for Days Of Our Lives features Jennifer. Julie tells her to hand over the pills, but the mother of two refuses. The narrator teases in the promo clip that Jennifer will hit rock bottom. There is furniture turned over, and the DOOL character will go through a horrible night as she tries to break her habit. However, Jack comes along and tells Jennifer that she doesn’t need the pills. Viewers are then told that the May 24 episode of Days Of Our Lives will be emotional.

Speaking with TV Insider, Reeves revealed what fans can expect on tomorrow’s episode.

“…the Horton family was always taught to hide everything and put up good appearances,” Reeves explained about Jennifer’s addiction. “Scott and I watch Intervention, which is so intense and heartbreaking that I can barely look at the screen sometimes. It’s so hard to imagine how drugs can make someone want to give up everything in their lives, including their children. For research, I also watched this great Lisa Ling documentary about the mom who got hooked on OxyContin. I don’t want that drug stuff anywhere near my life, my family and I can get ugly about it. I’ll tear the house apart. I rip pillows apart. It’s bad.”

Just how bad are things going to get for Jennifer, who was always portrayed as the goody-two-shoes, innocent one in Salem?

“Really bad,” Reeves explained. “When she finally loses it and everything comes crashing down, they do a whole episode with my character falling apart. The entire episode. This drug story has been very well written. It’s sweet because they brought back Matt Ashford [Jack], I guess as a ghost.”

The actress also revealed that the scenes with Jack Deveraux are only between him and his widowed wife, Jennifer. He either appears as a ghost or it’s in her mind. According to the interview, Jennifer will be at her worst and Jack shows up just in time.

For those that are wondering, Matthew Ashford only signed on for five episodes. It is unclear if he will appear in episodes other than the one that is airing on May 24.

What do you think of Jack Devereaux returning to Days Of Our Lives? Will he be able to help Jennifer beat her addiction? Find out when the May 24 episode of the NBC soap opera airs on NBC.

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