Patricia '#BlockedbyPat' Altschul, 'Southern Charm' Mama Of Whitney, Defends Her Son In Media

It's what every man pushing 50 wants: his mother going to the press to take his side, and talking on social media to set the record straight about his relationship – or lack thereof – with Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, while retweeting snarky humor at Kathryn's expense. That is what Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith has been coping with in the wake of Craig Conover's unveiling of the Whitney/Kathryn relationship – and, really, since Southern Charm started. After seasons where the mother and son duo of Whitney and his mama Patricia Altschul called Kathryn Calhoun Dennis names and excluded her from events and group gatherings, the tables have turned on Whitney, and now his mother is talking to the press on his behalf.

According to The Inquisitr, all hell broke loose when Craig cornered Whitney, and called him out for pining over Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and just being angry that Kathryn chose Thomas over Whitney. Kathryn had been living for a short time with Whitney, and after she chose Thomas, Whitney threw her things out for her to pick up. Whitney fled the mountain home of Shep Rose, but months later, now that the show is airing, it is all coming up again, and Whitney's mama doesn't like all this talk about her baby boy. Based on Patricia's comments about Kathryn, one would think that she would be happy that Kathryn chose Thomas instead of Whitney, but no mama wants her child to be the one who isn't picked for the baseball team or the only child excluded from a birthday party.

Reality Tea is saying that as one would expect, Southern Charm mama Patricia Altschul is taking Whitney's side, and she is dismayed that Whitney is being ganged up on.
"What can I say? I live in one wing of the house, and at that time, Whitney was living at the other wing. And I think that this whole contrivance that there was a relationship is misconstrued. I mean… I don't like to use the term one night stand. I prefer 'sleepover.' I think this was just a good, old-fashioned Southern sleepover. I mean, I never saw her in the house except once."
But Patricia claims, that in her book, a week and a half is not a relationship, and she is still not going to give any validity to anything that involves Kathryn.
"The funny thing is, she was talking about having a relationship that went on for a week and a half. I mean, I think that it was relations — they had relations, they did not have a relationship."
Entertainment Tonight is revealing that Southern Charm Patricia Altschul thought she would be leading a quiet, cocktail-laden existence, but son Whitney asked her to be on his reality show, centered around the town where she currently lives – she is not a native of Charleston – and where he lived, in his very own wing of her house.
"He wanted to give me just a little walk-on part. I bet Whitney wished he'd kept me off the show!"
Indeed, as many of the running jokes on social media center on a man who is almost 50 and lives with his mama, and the two of them have a butler who makes a mean cocktail and lots of cute dogs. #BlockedbyPat is a popular hashtag on Twitter, and anyone who has been critical of Whitney finds themselves blocked by Patricia.

Patricia says that Southern Charm has turned Charleston into the drama playhouse.

"I'm always surprised that all of this happens in our sleepy, little Southern town."
But Tamaratattles went way over the line to explain to the world about the relationship between Whitney and his mama Patricia, and it is cringe inducing, with some calling it "Would you like some Whitney Sudler-Smith tea?"

They mention that even though Whitney Sudler-Smith refers to himself as the executive producer of Southern Charm, prior to that he was the producer of a documentary on Halston. Tamaratattles joked that the reviews were more funny than anything, but what drove Whitney to do the Halston documentary is curious.

"As any straight man with a normal relationship with his mother would do, he made a documentary about Halston."
Next, they question if the reason that Whitney would include his mother – not only in Southern Charm, but also the Halston documentary – is that he was so sensitive about people making jokes about his close relationship with his mommy. It seems that steering clear of "mommy and me" references would be a better way to go for Whitney.

If you were Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith, would you have asked your mama to please stay out this and not talk to the media?

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