Maryland Shooting Range Sued For Reverse Sexism

After paying the $15 entry fee at his neighborhood shooting range, gun enthusiast Derrick Hunter was shocked to learn that women get in for free. His bitterness over the company’s “Ladies Day” event has prompted the gentleman to file a lawsuit against Maryland Small Arms Range, according to ABC News.

“[The manager] told them they were free, so I asked him, ‘Why did I have to pay to use the range and they didn’t?,'” Hunter told WJLA. “He said, ‘Because they’re women, and you don’t fit the criteria.'”

In order fight back against what he considered to be an injustice, he took his case to the Human Relations Commission of Prince George’s County. After reviewing the situation, it was determined that Hunter actually had a case. Now he wants the shooting range to pony up $200,000 for gender discrimination.

“Any time you get any kind of discrimination it does hit home to a certain extent,” he explained to ABC News. “I have children. If don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Sooner or later you have to stand up for your rights.”


Carl Roy, the guy who operates the aforementioned shooting range, doesn’t feel he’s done anything wrong. “It’s a governmental micro-managing society,” he explained. “If you read the county ordinance, they are narrowly construing discrimination to mean if you give a discount to somebody, then you got to give it to everyone. But no one is saying anything about age discrimination. They’re not saying anything about occupational discrimination, or JC Penney giving free haircuts to children for the month of August.”

Jimmy A. Bell, Derrick Hunter’s attorney, said that men are often subjected to this sort of discrimination. “If someone said because you were Jewish you’d have to pay more money, what would you think about that?” Bell said. “People don’t look at it like that. People think a man should have to take it. And that’s now how the law works.”

Do you think the shooting range should have to pay $200,000 for reverse sexism?