‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers — Two Of The Guys Do Get Physical And Violent Over JoJo Fletcher

JoJo Fletcher is hoping that her season of The Bachelorette brings her true love and the man of her dreams, with whom she can find much happiness. So many men are going to fight for her affection, but no-one quite expects them to get into physical altercations over the lady they want to attract. Still, that is what is going to happen this season, as one of the favorites to win it all and another suitor end up getting physical and violent.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of The Bachelorette starring JoJo Fletcher. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

When a group of men is put into somewhat small quarters and they’re all chasing the same person, things are going to become stressful and hectic. Tempers are going to flare and no-one is going to want to believe that the next guy is better than him.

That seems to be exactly what is going to happen halfway through this year’s season of The Bachelorette.

As the season goes on and the rose ceremony eliminations take out three guys here and two guys there, many are going to battle it out to stay in the fight. Sure, there will be some disappointment and broken hearts as JoJo chooses not to give a rose to this guy or that guy, but the those staying in the competition are always happy to be safe.

By the time the fourth episode of The Bachelorette rolls around this season, only 14 of 26 suitors will remain. At the end of the fourth episode, only 11 men will remain, and one of those leaving the show ends up causing a bit of trouble.

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season chad johnson jordan rodgers fight
[Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC]

Reality Steve is reporting that Chad Johnson ends up going on the 2-on-1 date with JoJo Fletcher during this episode, and they are joined by Alex Woytkiow. There is a good bit of tension between the two men, who are both Marines, and Alex doesn’t think that Chad acts anything like a true Marine should.

On this date, Alex gets the rose and Chad gets sent home, but that is when things get a little weird.

Once word of Chad’s dismissal gets out, the other guys at the mansion are partying it up when Alex returns. This causes them to start celebrating even more because Chad, one of this season’s villains, is gone.

That’s when the producers of The Bachelorette allow Chad to go back to the house. He sees everyone celebrating that he is going home. This does not sit well with Chad and he chooses to get in the face of Jordan Rodgers, which doesn’t prove to be a good decision.

the bachelorette 2016 spoilers jojo fletcher season chad johnson jordan rodgers fight
[Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC]

Chad ends up getting in Jordan’s face, but that’s only the start of it. Chad begins poking his finger right in the face of Jordan Rodgers and it leads to things getting physical between the two men and them having to be separated.

As expected, Chad Johnson is going home and Jordan Rodgers is sticking around for a while. If JoJo hadn’t already sent Chad home, there’s a good chance that any kind of situation like this would have sent him home anyway.

When a number of sites began giving the details of the guys, many of them were not overly complimentary of Chad Johnson as is evident by PEOPLE‘s description of him. Reality Steve even said that word got out that Chad tried to pick a fight with virtually every single guy on the show.

It’s not often that there are physical altercations on The Bachelorette, or The Bachelor, but putting that many people in one room is not always a recipe for success. Many times, egos get the best of people and they end up losing their cool with one another. This season, Jordan Rodgers and Chad Johnson believe they are the man for JoJo Fletcher, and it leads to the two men getting quite physical and violent, which is something ABC surely doesn’t want.

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