WWE News: Ryback Teases Big Changes And Him Signing With TNA

Ryback has been off of WWE television for about three weeks now after a contract dispute came up between him and the company. Oddly enough, he made it through the mass cuts and is still signed by WWE, but he’s not wrestling and likely won’t until there is some kind of agreement between the two sides. Last night at Extreme Rules, Ryback decided to stir the pot with a hint that he could soon end up in the TNA Impact Zone.

Last night, the wrestling fans of the world had their attention on WWE and the pay-per-view (PPV) that was taking place. Right as the event was officially getting started, Ryback took to Twitter and decided to tweet out a rather not-so-subtle statement.

Obviously, this is a clear sign that things are not going well at all right now in the contract negotiations between Ryback and WWE. He also seems to realize that he wouldn’t be able to take the “Ryback” name with him if he went anywhere else.

That name is the intellectual property of WWE.

As reported by What Culture, WWE is not a big fan of contracted talent making social media posts about other wrestling promotions. That is especially true about TNA since it is their one of their biggest competitors in the United States even though there is a great deal of distance between the two companies.

wwe news ryback extreme rules tna signing release

One of the most interesting things about this tweet from Ryback isn’t the fact that it brought forth a lot of attention and shares from fans. The more notable thing is that one of the very first people to respond to Ryback’s tweet was Ethan Carter III, a former TNA World Champion. His response was incredibly simple.

“oh s**t……”

It was just a few weeks ago at an EVOLVE event that both TNA and NXT talent were competing against one another. During that match between Johnny Gargano (NXT) and Drew Galloway (TNA World Champion), Ethan Carter III interfered and then took a mic to rip on Triple H, NXT, and all of WWE.

TNA is truly a place that allows wrestlers to make a name for themselves, and it allows them to hone their talents. It’s true that many losses of talent and booking decisions have caused TNA to be a shell of its former self, but Ryback would likely consider it as an option if he was no longer in WWE.

At Payback, Ryback was in the Kickoff Match against Kalisto for the second pay-per-view event in a row, and he decided to take a jab at WWE. He wore a weightlifting belt that had “The Pre-Show Stopper” on it, and that was the last time he was seen on WWE television.

wwe news ryback extreme rules tna signing release
[Image via WWE]

This was not something that would have made anyone behind the scenes in WWE very happy, and it’s not shocking that Ryback hasn’t been seen again.

The next evening at Monday Night Raw, Ryback met with Vince McMahon about his contract and how he feels all talent should be paid the same. It was also then that he had an interesting contract demand and it was for WWE to pay for all hotel stays while talent was on the road.

It was that night that Ryback was sent home and so far, there has been no known advancement in the talks for either party.

Ryback may very well never wrestle a match in WWE again, and he might have made his last appearance for the company. Due to his tweet last night during Extreme Rules, it doesn’t appear as if contract negotiations are going favorably for him. It’s very likely that TNA would sign him if he were no longer under contract with WWE, but there is also a very good chance that he won’t be able to use that name anymore either.

[Image via WWE]