Kaley Cuoco Livid About Lions Killed At Zoo — She Roars For Justice, But Catches Backlash Heat

Kaley Cuoco is quite upset about the lions that were killed at a Santiago, Chile, zoo. And Cuoco is not afraid to let her voice be heard. Like the lions, Kaley's voice roars loud.

Days ago, a man by the name of Franco Luis Ferrada Roman attempted suicide by placing himself inside a lion exhibit at a zoo in Santiago, Chile. Once inside, the man took off all his clothing and apparel, then taunted the lions. Accordingly, the lions pounced on the man and began mauling him. Many people agree that this reaction was the lions' natural response to such an external dynamic entering their environment.

While the man took it upon himself to enter the den, zoo personnel made the call to lethally shoot the lions. After succumbing to their injuries, the animals died within their exhibit. The Inquisitr actually covered more of this lion story in a previous article.

However, this animal news struck a serious nerve with The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco. After learning of how these lions were killed, Cuoco expressed her opinion regarding the situation and notes that these lions suffered injustices due to "some moron." Via Instagram, Kaley mentions as follows.
"'Two lions have reportedly been shot dead by zookeepers in front of a crowd of visitors after severely mauling a man who had entered their enclosure in an apparent suicide attempt.' Are you f**king kidding me?? Literally on the verge of extinction, did they deserve this?? Because some moron jumps in the lion cage, on his own terms, gets mauled, and the lions end up getting killed?? This is beyond disgusting in every way possible. I know the more I say, the more trouble I will get into but seriously what is this world coming to?? Humanity is a joke. If you are that stupid, you deserve everything that happens to you. Well done."
So far, Kaley Cuoco's comment has received over 70,000 likes and 5,700 comments. Many of Cuoco's supporters agree with her about the lions' situations. They mention that it was a clear invasion of territory. And, since it was a suicide attempt, they shouldn't have shot the two lions but maybe tranquilized them with non-lethals.However, Kaley Cuoco is also catching some heat from those within the country. One commentator, Sebastián Arrieta, notes that the man suffered from psychosis. He stated that, before Cuoco would start making such "aggressive" accusations toward someone, she should get to know the person's background a little better. Towards, Kaley, the man mentions as follows.
"You should know more of that man before you post something that [aggressive]... He had a [psychotic] event that day, he's in the ICU because of his [unconscious] act... [Psychosis] is the total loss of judgement and reality...How can u [criticize] someone ill? He didn't choose to have that [psychiatric] disorder... Plus, he was healthy before this event. Maybe he's bipolar or [schizophrenic], the doctors have to examine him after he wake up. He was not up to make the zookeepers kill the lions, but they... did it because of his life."
Kaley Cuoco's accuser goes on to mention that psychotic patients have the same rights as those with other mental illnesses — also, specifically stating other illness-stricken individuals such as "diabetic people or asthmatic kids." Nonetheless, the man continued his rant towards Cuoco by lastly stating, "Stop your policy of defending lions instead of humans, because [it] wasn't his fault. Sorry [about] my English, just a Chilean man expressing what happen here in HIS COUNTRY."

Many others have stated that Kaley Cuoco's opinion was "heartless" and "ignorant." There are several mixed comments regarding Cuoco's Instagram post, and overall, people are taking both sides.

However, if you know Kaley Cuoco — even in the slightest, outside of The Big Bang Theory — you would know that she's a stern animal activist. Her response possibly seems to be driven from that particular perspective. As Cuoco mentioned, since Franco Luis Ferrada Roman was attempting suicide anyway, did they have to kill the animals? As other commentators have pointed out, zookeepers are armed with an arsenal of sleeping agents. Was death necessary for the lions? You be the judge.

[Disclaimer: The following video contains graphic images of the lion incident at Santiago Metropolitan Zoo. Viewer discretion is advised.]

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding Kaley Cuoco's lion rant and the backlash (and support) that followed? Feel free to comment below.

[Photo by Matt Winklemeyer/Getty Images Entertainment]