Trevor Noah Thinks Donald Trump Is A Great Media Manipulator

Trevor Noah appeared at the Vulture Festival on Sunday and talked about Donald Trump’s success. Mediate has the news.

“‘He has mastered the art of moving us on to the next news cycle,’ Noah said. He explained that since the 24/7 news cycle leads to rapid shifts at any given point in the political dialogue, it frequently leads to an information overload for viewers.”

Donald Trump Megyn Kelly
Trevor Noah believes Donald Trump has mastered the media. [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]

The article adds that Noah noted that by saying so many controversial things and still keeping the dialogue going, Trump has fixed the media’s attention on himself while avoiding the worst type of backlash for anything he says.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Trevor Noah also talked about being an outsider.

“I am a representative of many people that have done the same thing that I have. They’ve gone to another country, namely the U.S., and they’ve started a new life. I’m the people that Donald Trump wishes to build a wall for. I am part of the people that may be banned, the visas that may be blocked,” Noah is quoted as stating before adding that a large part of the United States is represented by people like Donald Trump.

The Daily Show host also talked about the controversy around Blake Lively’s alleged “cultural appropriation” when she quoted lyrics from a Sir Mix-a-Lot song.

“So now you’ve got someone who has tweeted this lyric, who I can only assume at that moment was celebrating her body, and that’s what we’re taught to do in society. You have now taken that away and saying that’s a negative thing. Why are you angry? You’re angry because you read a headline.”

The Entertainment Weekly article also discussed the advice Jon Stewart gave him. Stewart encouraged Trevor Noah to do the show in his own way. Although Trevor Noah is trying to be unique, the ratings have been very low. According to ShowBuzzDaily, Noah attracted only 779,000 viewers last Thursday. On Wednesday, he attracted just 760,000 viewers. He has received mixed reviews. Variety recently published a very negative article about The Daily Show that claimed the show lost its teeth under Noah’s guidance.

“Under the leadership of new host Trevor Noah, The Daily Show seems to have lost its way — but in the most amiable manner possible. Ever since Noah took over six months ago, the show has assumed an air of easygoing chill. It’s not that he doesn’t tell reasonably good jokes now and then, but few, if any, are aimed at the jugular. And he rarely loses his expression of gentle bemusement,” said columnist Maureen Ryan.

Megyn Kelly Ratings
Megyn Kelly is still very critical of Donald Trump. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

Last week, according to the New York Post, Trevor Noah angered Fox News megastar Megyn Kelly.

“Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly took aim at ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah on Thursday, blasting the comic who ridiculed her interview with Donald Trump as cynical and self-serving.”

Megyn Kelly sent a sarcastic tweet to Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah and some others seem to think that Megyn Kelly is being a wimp by reconciling with Donald Trump. Do you think Noah has a point, or is he just trying to increase his ratings by bashing a peer who is far more successful than he is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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