Amber Portwood And Gary Shirley Reach Custody Agreement, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Do What Is Best For Leah

Amber Portwood has been working hard to get her life back on track. The Teen Mom OG star has had a rough couple of years, which included serving time in prison. Since her release, she has been working on having a positive relationship with her daughter and working out a custody agreement with her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. Portwood is currently engaged to be married this fall to Matt Baier. Shirley is married with another daughter, and the two have clearly moved on from feelings for one another. Right now, they both put their daughter’s best interest at the forefront, even if it means doing something the other won’t like. Portwood has been waiting for a definitive decision on custody through the courts, and it looks like that has been handled.

Last season on Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood was dealing with a lot. There was some animosity between her and Gary Shirley, mostly due to her boyfriend, Matt Baier. A lot of dirt was uncovered, and Shirley presented it to Portwood. This caused a lot of anger, and did some damage to their co-parenting relationship. All of that has since blown over, and it looks like they know where they stand with one another. According to Starcasm, Amber Portwood finally has a custody order in place. The details include Portwood will pay Shirley $1,200 a month for child support for Leah, and they will share joint custody with Leah residing with Shirley at his home. This was done because Portwood lives almost an hour from Leah’s school, and that would be hard to swing every morning and afternoon.

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After reports came out about the custody paperwork, Amber Portwood was quick to defend her choices. Apparently several outlets had been bashing Gary Shirley about the details regarding where Leah will reside. Portwood took to Twitter to defend her ex-boyfriend and let everyone know she offered to pay the child support and is pleased with where Leah is living. Both parties have been working together to make everything easier on their daughter and to promote peaceful living among one another. While they are no longer together and filled with romantic feelings, both Portwood and Shirley respect one another as their daughter’s other parent.

There have been a lot of changes in Amber Portwood’s life. She decided to shed her signature purplish-maroon hair for blonde locks. Weight loss has been huge for her, as well. Recently, Portwood posted a selfie on Instagram, and she was barely recognizable. It shows that if you are happy in your life you are able to move forward and make positive changes in your life. On top of the image work she has done, Portwood has taken on a business endeavor. She is flipping houses with her boyfriend, Matt Baier. While they are just getting into the business, it seems like it is a good fit for both Portwood and Baier.

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It seems that there is one more order of business that Amber Portwood will have to deal with at some point. Just a few weeks ago, it was discovered that Portwood was almost $135,000 in the hole with the IRS. There was actually a tax lien filed. While immediately people jumped to the conclusion that it was from flipping houses, it is likely from income that Amber Portwood did not pay taxes on. There has been no comment on this issue, and there likely won’t be. Portwood has learned to keep quiet on most things, as it just keeps the drama away. For now, everything is going well for Amber Portwood as she looks forward to getting married this fall and moving on with her life.

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