‘National Dog Day’ Gives Thanks To Man’s Best Friend

National Dog Day is Sunday, a chance for humans to give some love to the canine friends who show unconditional love to them.

The day’s founder, Colleen Paige, said she started National Dog Day as a way to say thank you to dogs for their bravery, dedication and unconditional love. But she had another intention too — helping American learn about the plight of pit bulls.

Paige said:

“I want to focus this year on whats happening with Pit Bulls. It breaks my heart to see the plight of certain breeds like Pit Bulls being slaughtered the way they are in this country, even as puppies entering the shelter. It is despicable and deplorable, especially when dog loving citizens work so hard to pay taxes that support these killing machines, says , founder of the day. Not all shelters are like this, but it seems to be a growing trend. I am not afraid to stand up for Pit Bulls. I’m not afraid to stand up for any animal when they are being targeted and murdered. The tragic thing is that the reason behind the bad rap that the Pit Bull gets, is specifically crafted at the hands of evil people.”

The National Dog Day has the support of company ShakyPlanet, which offered a free eCollectible to anyone who “cares about helping to save shelter dogs,” the company announced in a press release.

For pet owners and animal advocates, National Dog Day is a chance to give canines the love they’ve been giving their people companions.

“It’s a day to celebrate a big part of your family, like Grandmother’s day or Mother’s Day. It’s dedicating a specific time to give back to somebody or something that’s made a big part of your life,” Mary Anne Richards, owner of a pet store in Missouri, told KPLR in St. Louis reported.

“But I think National Dog Day people go that extra mile to make sure they can dedicate some specific time to give back for what they’ve given to us over the years,” Richards added.

National Dog Day highlights a multi-billion-dollar industry. The American Pet Products Association estimates that Americans spend more than $53 billion on pets each year.