Angelina Jolie, 79 Lbs, Takes New Role As Brad Pitt Plays Superhero: Career War & Affair Cause Marriage To Crumble?

Angelina Jolie is now a wife to Brad Pitt, mother of six, actress, director, producer, humanitarian, and professor. Jolie just added the last title to her growing list of responsibilities by taking on a role as visiting professor at the London School of Economics, reported ET.

In her role as a visiting prof at the school's Center for Women, Peace and Security, Angelina will work with three other instructors contributing to the world's first Master's program focusing on strategies to boost gender equality and enhance women's social, economic, and political participation, and security.

"It is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women's rights and end impunity for crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict," asserted Jolie.

Angelina Jolie takes on a new role.
Angelina Jolie takes on a new role. [Photo by Bilal Hussein/AP Photos]To those hopeful that they can actually learn from the Oscar-winner and filmmaker, Angelina emphasized that she will interact directly with the students.

"I am looking forward to teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the United Nations," added the actress.

The course will last one year, beginning in 2017, and Jolie will lecture, take an active role in workshops, and conduct research.

It's not just Angelina who is basking in the spotlight for taking an unusual role right now. Pitt is being hailed as a real life superhero after saving a child from a mob.

Working on his new World War II film, Brad caught sight of a young girl in danger from a group of overly enthusiastic fans. Pitt, 52, was still in his film costume when he heroically acted to save the child, reported Design & Trend.

However, that superhero stunt may not be enough to save his marriage. Brad and Angelina are battling over which parent should watch the children and which one should pursue his or her career dreams.

Angelina Jolie allegedly walked out on Brad Pitt.
Angelina Jolie allegedly walked out on Brad Pitt. [Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images]"[They are] at war over who's looking after the kids since that agreement got blown out the window with her desire to turn her directing career into a success after several failures," claimed an insider quoted by Design & Trend.

Pitt reportedly feels that even though the battle is "tearing them apart," he has done his share to help Jolie achieve her dream of becoming a director. Consequently, Brad wants to spend his time acting and give Angelina the role of minding the children, clarified the insider.

"This is tearing them apart, but Brad's got no choice. He's done more than enough to help her directing career, even risking his own reputation in her schmaltzy flop By the Sea, and now it's time to get back to work."
But it's not just the career war that's causing the rumors that the marriage of Angelina and Brad is in danger. Jolie reportedly weighs only 79 pounds due to the stress of Pitt's alleged affair with a co-star, according to Health Aim.

Working too close for comfort with the beautiful Marion Cotillard, Brad reportedly is giving Angelina a reason to be jealous and anxious. Consequently, she has lost weight and also reportedly suffers from insomnia.

However, although In Touch reports that Jolie is jealous of Cotillard and the way that the actress and Brad are "bonding" on set and enjoying flirting, Gossip Cop denies that there is any truth to the story that Angelina actually walked out on Pitt.

The In Touch tale described Brad as "Marion's one-man fan club," claiming that he constantly gushes about "how classy and talented" the actress seems. But as far as Jolie leaving Pitt?

A source close to Brad and Angelina told Gossip Cop that there is "no truth" to the report that the mother of six is so jealous and suspicious that she walked out on Pitt.

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