WWE News: Adam Rose Officially Released From WWE

The Adam Rose era and the subsequent circus that has surrounded him the last two months has ended. It was more than likely only a matter of time before the cord was cut on his WWE career, but on Monday, the company’s official website released their customary statement confirming that he’d no longer be employed by the WWE.

“WWE has granted Adam Rose’s request to be released, as of today, May 23, 2016. WWE wishes Rose the best in all his future endeavors.”

This is in slight contrast to the statement WWE releases when they’re the ones making the decision on a certain superstar’s fate, but there’s an excellent chance that both Adam Rose and the WWE wanted to part ways amicably. This move comes on the heels of Rose recently being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and felony tampering with a witness over an incident with his wife. That incident resulted in an indefinite suspension, although he was already serving another suspension for violating the WWE Wellness policy for the second time. Both Adam Rose and Konnor of The Ascension were suspended on the same day back in April and had just passed the halfway point of their suspensions last week.

The misdemeanor domestic battery incident with Rose’s wife stemmed from an argument the two were having in their home. The felony tampering with a witness charge was a result of Adam trying to prevent his wife from calling 911 by knocking the telephone out of her hand. During the hearing, Rose’s wife pleaded with the judge not to follow through with charges so that he could help raise their children, one of which suffers from a rare condition. The judge agreed but ordered Rose to undergo anger management treatment.

Rose party
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While much of Adam Rose’s situation with WWE is pure speculation, there was at least a chance that he could have resumed his career with the company at the end of the suspension. However, Rose decided to voice his displeasure with the way it was handled and even got his doctor involved in the situation. There were discussions about releasing Rose in the early stages of the 60-day punishment, but the company did not want it to come across as firing an employee who was displaying proof to the public that he was taking prescribed medication. They felt it was easier to wait.

This move comes less than 24 hours after Cody Rhodes was also released by the WWE. That split, as we found out Monday, was not amicable. But perhaps some of what Rhodes did inspired Rose to request his own release. Rose was simply waiting in purgatory, but the writing was clearly on the wall after his recent arrest. But since Cody requested his own release, Rose may have figured he could do the same and just cut ties without waiting it out any longer.

WWE star Adam Rose

Adam Rose had never achieved any sustainable or concrete levels of success in the WWE, but he had his best chance of doing so with his most recent gimmick. Some argued that the Social Outcasts were four enhancement talents with no hope for any meaningful push. And while portions of that may be true, the group was seeing weekly television time and gaining more support as time wore on. But now it seems Rose’s departure has impacted the rest of the group as well.

The Social Outcasts could certainly continue along the same path they had been with Adam Rose as a member. But their lack of television time since Rose was pulled off the road can only be looked at as a positive if the WWE writers plan to add a new member. They had teased the idea of including Viktor during the European tour, but that did not materialize any further. It’s been a rough 2016 for Adam Rose. We’ll have to keep an eye on whether Ray Leppan aka Adam Rose appears for a different wrestling promotion anytime soon.

[Image via WWE]