WWE News: Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match Being Discussed For Upcoming PPV?

We all know that the world is changing. Women have a bigger role today in the world than ever before. While equality is not achieved across all platforms just yet, the sports and entertainment world has started to push it more than most. We’re seeing all female remakes of films or simple films based on mostly females to the U.S. Women’s Soccer team having the highest watched soccer game in the history of their country.

The United States alone has proven that they want to see ladies do more, and it seems that WWE has picked up on this. They have dropped their “WWE Diva” tag and now call the women “Superstars” exactly as they do with the men. We’re even seeing the company end their top show, WWE RAW, with female angles. On top of this, last year they had their first ever women’s PPV main event in company history down in WWE NXT with Bayley taking on Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Title in an Ironwoman match.

Times are changing, and it makes sense for us to see angles done with the men also happening with the women. That brings us to WWE Money in the Bank next month. Each year, one or two matches occur at the event where we see the men get involved in a brutal ladder match. The winner fights for a contract inside a briefcase hanging above the ring. The contract contains a WWE World Title contract that the winner can cash-in at any point they choose, as long as they bring a ref with them, of course. The champion has no choice but to accept the match. Most actually cash in on a prone champion after he goes through a tough match, where he is beaten up badly compared to his new challenger.

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The match makes sense for women to have as well, but WWE has been against doing it for years. Now that might change. A fan asked the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer about a Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match on his radio show today, where the insider claimed that WWE has had discussions about doing the match, which means they certainly have considered the pros and cons of doing it during this hot time for women. He did say that WWE is unlikely to make it happen, however.

Some believe that it would be the perfect time to do it, but there are a lot of cons in doing such a brutal match. While it may come off as sexist, men do typically have a bigger build in the world of pro-wrestling and can take more punishment over the usually smaller woman. That by no means means women are weak, but there is a risk involving women in a match that could ruin their career, as it even risks men.

Ladder matches are often car crashes that see many hurt on a regular occurrence. The match has also been used to write out people in the past due to the believable nature of pain in it.

WWE has a small amount of women they can count on right now, and putting most of them at risk for a briefcase does not seem wise at this point with WWE. Most everyone believes the match could be good, but the reason for it is that the ladies will end up doing far too much to make it amazing. This alone makes the match even more of a risk.

Taryn Gail
image via TNA Wrestling

While a regular one-on-one ladder match has happened with women in the past, as well as other hardcore matches and steel cage matches, there has never been a multi-woman MITB ladder match because of the major risks it has in place. You can risk one or two women like TNA has in the past with Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim, but a bulk of your girls out there competing in such a match? It just does not seem logical on WWE’s part at this point.

On top of all of this, there is really no need in it now. As of this point, WWE is putting all worthy women in the title hunt for the WWE Women’s Title. They just threw Natalya in and Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks and Paige have all fought for the women’s prize over the past year. WWE really has not left anyone out where WWE has a ton of men who get overlooked, where a MITB win could get them over more.

Would be interesting to see this match occur? Of course it would. WWE even discussing it has to be considered progress for the women of WWE. However, there is far more risk than reward in the match. Plus, the sense in it now is nonexistent. In the future when the women’s division becomes crowded, one would imagine that a money in the bank match would make sense. As of now, there is simply no use in it.

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