‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis Face Escalating Tensions, Michael And Sonny Find Sabrina, And The Battle Between Nikolas And Rachel Continues

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a big episode on the way for Monday. The Nurses Ball is on the way, but there is a lot of drama set to play out before the entertainment kicks into full gear. Sabrina is in a tough situation, but Michael and Sonny are on the way to save her. In addition, there is drama ahead related to Nikolas, Rachel, Elizabeth, as well as for Julian and Alexis. What can everybody expect from the May 23 show?

The GH spoiler previews for the next episode detail that Michael and Sonny will be off on their adventure to track down Sabrina, and according to SheKnows Soaps, their timing may well save her life. It sounds as if Sabrina will be safely rescued at last, and she will be filling Michael in on all of the details about what has transpired over the past few months. Will this pave the way for a successful Michael and Sabrina reunion, or are additional complications on the way?

Alexis and Julian have faced some very difficult moments as a couple over the past few weeks, considering the great lengths he went to in order to ensure that he would stay out of jail. Alexis was devastated when she pieced together what Julian had done, but he made it clear that there was little she could do about it.

General Hospital spoilers share that during Monday’s show, Alexis and Julian will have a tense conversation. He asks if this is what their life will be like now as a couple, and teasers detail that she will admit to herself that her husband is intent on ensuring she stays quiet about what she has learned. Alexis is said to make a call to someone that might be a bit shocking, but viewers will have to tune in to see who she contacts.

Brad and Lucas have finally formalized wedding plans, and it is set to take place during the Nurses Ball. GH spoilers indicate that they will be pulling plans together during Monday’s show, but it’s not going to be entirely smooth sailing. There are rumors that one of these men might be losing his life soon, but everybody will have to wait and see how this plays out.

There is more drama on the way related to Nikolas and Rachel/Hayden, as well. Spoilers tease that Elizabeth and Nikolas will be having a chat, and it seems she tries to warn her friend that he needs to be careful when it comes to Rachel. However, Nikolas has a warning as well, and it is to tell Elizabeth to keep what she knows to herself.

As for Rachel, spoilers indicate that she will be reaching out to Finn. She finds him and asks if she can talk to him, but so far, it is not known what it is she wants from the new doctor in town. Rachel is scrambling to turn the tables on Nikolas and while this is going to be a fierce battle, it seems that she may soon be managing to find some success on this front. Diane pops up in Monday’s episode, and GH spoilers also detail that Obrecht will be trying to warn Elizabeth away from Finn.

The Nurses Ball kicks into full gear on Tuesday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers tease that this week will be jam-packed with action. There will be threats and battles, a dead body, and an arrest along with heartbreak throughout Port Charles. The buzz is that Julian is the one who will be arrested, but who will the dead body be? Is Alexis responsible for Julian’s apparent arrest? Morgan will be in the mix of these events in some way, and this will certainly be quite the dramatic event.

As Soap Central shares, Elizabeth will be publicly humiliated at the big event in some way, and Franco will have an opportunity to play something of a hero role in the coming days. According to TVLine, something on the way with all of this will throw Elizabeth back into Jason’s orbit in some fashion, and it sounds like viewers will be buzzing about this one as it plays out.

What will Sabrina reveal about her time away from Port Charles? Will Brad and Lucas successfully wed or is there heartbreak ahead on this front? Can Julian and Alexis find a way to repair their relationship after all that has happened these past few months? Fans are anxious to see this epic week of episodes on the way as the big Nurse’s Ball takes place and lives are seemingly forever changed on General Hospital.

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