WWE News: Injured WWE Star Returning This Week

The Enzo Amore WWE return is coming this week after he missed much of the last month after Amore suffered a concussion at the hands of the Vaudevillains. 411mania reported that Enzo was backstage at WWE Extreme Rules last night, and that he will be hitting the road for this week’s WWE TV tapings. While Amore might not be completely cleared to return to in-ring action, his greatest value has little to do with Enzo’s actual wrestling.

When Enzo Amore and Big Cass made their debut on the WWE main roster, they were immediate fan favorites thanks to Enzo’s mic skills as he expertly dressed down one of the most iconic tag teams in WWE history in the Dudley Boyz. Enzo and Big Cass then beat the Dudley Boyz and were one match away from a WWE tag team title match.

That is when the tough-luck injury to Amore happened. Enzo and Big Cass were wrestling the Vaudevillains, and the winner got to face the New Day at Extreme Rules. Enzo’s head snapped off the ring ropes and hit the mat, knocking Amore unconscious and delivering the concussion.

The Enzo Amore WWE return is just in time for a tag team to step up for the next contenders to The New Day. However, that all depends on whether Amore is ready to return to active competition. If not, Enzo could always come out with Big Cass and still serve as the expert mouthpiece as Big Cass continues to hold up their team while Amore works his way back. Big Cass showed up at Extreme Rules and singlehandedly beat up the Dudley Boyz.

The WWE takes concussions very seriously, and forced Daniel Bryan out of action after he suffered a serious one in 2015. Bryan eventually retired from active in-ring competition due to the concussions. The concerns about concussions go all the way back to the Chris Benoit murder-suicide, where tests proved that Benoit had the brain of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient at the time of his death due to concussions. Amore’s injury is nothing to take lightly.

The Enzo Amore WWE return should take place on WWE television this week, either on WWE Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. PWInsider.com reported that it isn’t just Enzo that will be making his return, either.

Seth Rollins made his huge return to the WWE last night at Extreme Rules when he ran into the ring and dropped champion Roman Reigns with the Pedigree after Reigns pinned A.J. Styles. There were rumors all week that Rollins would make his return, and the reasons varied from him joining Reigns against the Club to him helping the Club and forming a new faction.

Neither of those options happened, as the Club never turned on A.J. Styles and Rollins waited until the WWE Championship match ended before he made his return and laid out the champion as the fans cheered for Rollins over Reigns, as most expected. In their preview for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw, the WWE reported that Seth Rollins will be at the show to make his intentions clear.

Outside of the Enzo Amore WWE return and Seth Rollins coming back to WWE Monday Night Raw, fans are also one week away from the arrival of John Cena. The WWE legend will come back to the WWE on the Memorial Day edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. There are also WWE rumors that Cena will immediately win a title upon his return.

Rusev beat Kalisto last night at Extreme Rules, so there are heavy expectations that Cena will come back and retake the U.S. title from the Bulgarian strongman once again. With Cena about to come back and Seth Rollins already showing up last night, the Enzo Amore WWE return is one that is just icing on the cake.

[Image via WWE]