Carole Radziwill Talks ‘RHONY’ But Avoids Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Tipsy Girl’ Drama Completely

Carole Radziwill may be on one of the most dramatic reality television shows currently running, but she doesn’t really like to engage in the drama that her Real Housewives of New York co-stars tend to create. Carole prefers to stay in on Friday nights, hang out with her boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy, and just have true and loyal friends. Radziwill didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with Luann de Lesseps after she started talking about her relationship with Adam, calling him “Sonja young” and slamming the idea of them falling in love. And in this week’s blog for The Real Housewives of New York, Carole continues to distance herself from the drama.

According to a new Bravo report, Carole Radziwill didn’t mention Bethenny Frankel’s showdown with Sonja Morgan once. Of course, the unveiling of Tipsy Girl two weeks ago had people wondering just how Bethenny would act when she heard of the rip-off business idea. And during a meeting at Frankel’s headquarters, Sonja learned that she would not be getting the support she had hoped from Frankel. Even though Radziwill and Bethenny are indeed friends, she decided not to comment on the showdown. Maybe she doesn’t want to dish on friend’s business — good or bad.

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But Carole Radziwill did take the time to poke fun at Ramona Singer’s drama with Dorinda Medley. The two were trying to work out their issues over John Mahdessian, as Dorinda just wants Ramona to support her relationship with him. Ramona, on the other hand, would love to see Medley find someone else, and she decided to crash John’s party, knowing that he wasn’t the biggest fan of her. And Carole found the party scene quite entertaining.

“About the other felines on this week’s episode? Well, none of them are nearly as cute or loveable as Vinny. But they sure as hell are entertaining. Let’s be honest, Ramona and Dorinda battling it out on Second Avenue was amaaazing,” Carole Radziwill explained, adding, “I loved everything about this episode. And when I say everything I mean everything with the exception of anything to do with TipsyGirl, Nannies, Squirting, Madame Paulette, or a man named Raaaaaay.”

In a surprising move, Radziwill decided to dedicate her entire blog to her new role as a foster mom. During the episode, Carole said that she would never become a person with a cat, and yet she decided to offer up her home as a place for the kitten to stay until the organization she was helping had found a place for the cat. But Carole Radziwill explains that she completely fell in love with the cat and even her dog, Baby, loved the kitten as well.

“I was a failure as a foster mom. I lied. I did get attached. Fostering is not for the faint of heart. My friend, Beth Stern, got me involved with North Shore Animal League and I couldn’t have been more grateful. It is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption shelter and has adopted nearly ONE MILLION animals to date. Beth is truly an amazing person. I’m not just saying that because we are pals. If Ghandi and Christie Brinkley got married and had a baby it would be Beth. Her life’s work has been animal rescue and no one works harder and better than she does,” Carole Radziwill explains of her decision to become a foster mom for the kitten.

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It sounds like Radziwill would rather spend time talking about her newfound love for kittens rather than dish her thoughts on the Skinnygirl / Tipsy Girl drama.

What do you think of Carole Radziwill’s decision to write about her kitten? Do you think she should have backed up Bethenny Frankel in her blog, since they are close friends?

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