The Ultimate Explosion On ‘Southern Charm’ About Whitney And Kathryn’s Relationship [Spoilers]

Warning: Southern Charm spoilers ahead, including spoilers about tonight’s Southern Charm on Bravo.

During the final scene of Southern Charm last week, fans saw the expression on the face of Whitney Sudler-Smith, and it was priceless, to say the least. When Craig Conover suggested that Whitney was so hostile to Kathryn because, once upon a time, he was in love with her, and she ditched him for Thomas, Whitney looked as if he was going to jump out of his skin. And tonight on Southern Charm, Whitney might just jump out of the chair and give Craig a beatdown. Craig truly didn’t seem to understand the can of worms he opened, but at the very least, Craig started spilling a whole lot of tea on Southern Charm.

According to the Inquisitr, the bulk of the Southern Charm crew was happy to cut Kathryn out of the trip, but big drama showed up anyway, and Whitney was confronted with the reasons behind his rude and obnoxious behavior. Craig put on his best Dr. Phil hat and tried to relate, saying if the girl he loved walked off with his best friend, he’d be ticked off too.

The Charleston City Paper said that it is ironic that the Southern Charm crew is in Shep’s happy place, because they are about to tarnish the happy place beyond repair while Whitney, usually cold calm, and virtually soulless loses his marbles at Casa Rose. It was that moment where everyone watching was thinking abort! abort! but Craig kept on going, trying to give Whitney that little bit of insight that poor sweet Craig thought would give Whitney, the prince of darkness an ah-ha moment, and everyone could be friends again. Poor sweet naive Craig truly meant no harm, but he lit a fuse that cannot be put out.

But tonight on Southern Charm, Craig really wants to get to the irrational root of the conflict between his friends Whitney and Kathryn. The background is this: Kathryn was practically living with commitment phobic Whitney at his mother’s house when she decides that Thomas Ravenel is really the man she wants, and she goes off with him after a pool party, leaving Whitney heartbroken. Not Kathryn’s finest hour.

So Whitney refers to Kathryn as “the curse of Moncks Corner,” because that is the neck of the woods where Kathryn was born. So Craig will continue to press the issue and have Whitney confess that Craig is right, and Whitney was and is still pining for Kathryn, and that is why he is so evil to her.

But according to Gossip and Gab, tonight’s episode of Southern Charm, ironically called “Whit’s End,” will show Whitney Sudler-Smith unraveling. It seems that unbeknownst to Craig, the actual Whitney/Kathryn relationship and his talk about how perfect Kathryn was because of her good breeding (it sounded like she should have run in the Preakness) and links to dead vice presidents was a secret, and Craig has spilled perhaps the only secret on Southern Charm and maybe on reality television.

But by the time Craig realizes that by spilling this secret he has gutted Whitney, he can’t get that big ole cat back in the bag, and the chill time in the mountains is ruined. Whitney is a basket case, and Cameran is not pleased with Craig’s outing of Whitney and his dirty, dirty laundry on prime time television. Poor Craig will now have to grovel to get back in the good graces of two of his Southern Charm pals.

And a boys trip to Los Angeles is planned that includes Thomas and Whitney (can you say really uncomfortable), but Kathryn’s baby is coming early, so once again, Whitney and Landon can bash Kathryn claiming that she ruins everything. Umm, okay Landon.

Do you think that on tonight’s Southern Charm Craig hit a nerve when it comes to Whitney’s feelings for Kathryn?

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