January Jones Dating Noah Miller, Director Of Her Latest Movie ‘Sweetwater’

January Jones is finding love with a familiar face from the set of her new movie Sweetwater. The Mad Men actress was spotted walking hand-in-hand with director Noah Miller, who is co-directing Jones’ most current film along with his twin brother Logan Miller.

Jones, who previously dated Ashton Kutcher and singer Josh Groban, has spent the last year as a single mom, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. In 2001 January Jones gave birth to son Xander, and she has refused to name the child’s father.

The relationship between January Jones and Noah Miller was confirmed by Us Weekly, which published a photograph of the good-looking couple taking a stroll together in Malibu. January Jones wore a hat and shades to protect herself from sun while a friend pushed a stroller behind the couple.

January Jones is working on her new boyfriend’s upcoming movie, Sweetwater. Noah Miller, who previously directed 2008’s Touching Home, is making his debut as a co-director with his twin brother Logan Miller.

The movie is about a young widow, played by January Jones, who risks everything to find revenge for her husband’s murder. She is helped by the local sheriff, played by Ed Harris, who also starred in Noah Miller’s previous movie. Production for Sweetwater began in July in New Mexico, Deadline reported.

January Jones is close to celebrating her son Xander’s first birthday. The baby boy was born September 13, 2011, and though Jones was public about dating Kutcher and Groban in the past, she has remained quiet about the identity of Xander’s father.