May 23, 2016
'American Horror Story' Season 6 To Have Smaller Cast

Fans may still have no idea about the setting for American Horror Story Season 6, but it is expected to have a smaller cast. Finn Wittrock says that it will be different to last year when it comes to storylines and the cast.

Those who watched American Horror Story: Hotel will know just how big the season was. There were a lot of different storylines all rolled into one, with vampires and ghosts in the Hotel Cortez. On top of that, there were characters who were neither—and never wanted to be either—and a few extra storylines left completely open at the end. What did happen to the vampire children locked in the hidden part of the hotel?

Wittrock isn't confirmed for American Horror Story Season 6 yet. Only a small number of the previous cast have been confirmed, including Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett. Bassett previously said that her character will somehow be controlled by Sarah Paulson's character, who is definitely coming back for another year. Wittrock, who has been in two seasons so far, says he would like to come back for another year.
"There's a little film stuff happening so it might be tough schedule wise, but yeah, I definitely want to do it."
There just may not be enough room for him in AHS Season 6. He says the cast is going to be smaller and more contained, although there is the possibility that some actors will play two or more characters in the season, as Wittrock did last year.

The writing for the latest season of AHS has only just started, and the writers have still not decided on a full format yet, according to the Express. The actors don't really know what is going on in AHS this year, which regularly happens between the seasons. By keeping the actors in the dark, the fans are more shocked and awed by the storylines conjured up.

With fewer characters and storylines, there is some good news for the viewers. There won't be as much going on from week to week, so there is the potential to completely wrap up a storyline. Fans can actually enjoy the story and each of the episodes, rather than constantly trying to join the pieces of the jigsaw and guess what will come next.

On the other hand, more questions could be left unanswered for current seasons. Ryan Murphy has said that all American Horror Story seasons are connected. It is possible that Season 6 will spend time answering a few questions left open from previous seasons. Fans may find out where Kit went at the end of Season 2, for example.

There will also be more time to show how characters are intertwined together. It is possible that this season will connect more of the seasons together, showing how characters from previous seasons have interacted with the current season characters. This has happened in recent years. Pepper was the first recurring character in the show, being in Season 2 and 4. Season 4 told the story of how she ended up in the asylum in Season 2. Season 5 also saw Lady Gaga's The Countess become a patient of Doctor Montgomery from Season 1.

American Horror Story will not come back until October. There is no planned date yet, and no announcement of where or when it will be set. It is expected to be in the past, following the likes of Seasons 2 and 4. So far, the odd numbered seasons have primarily been in the present day with the even numbers primarily in the past.

There are rumors that there will be two seasons of the show this year. This is something else that has not been officially confirmed by the American Horror Story showrunners.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]