Ryan Serhant On His ‘MDLNY’ Co-Stars: ‘We’re Not Having Tea Together’

Ryan Serhant has been on Million Dollar Listing: New York since the very beginning, and the show has grown from being a show about real estate in New York to being a twice Emmy-nominated show about business, relationships, and the big city of New York. But even though Serhant films the show with two other agents, they don’t actually see one another very often. They are busy with their own companies, deals and clients. As it turns out, they only see one another when they casually run into one another in the streets of New York or when they do a deal together.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant is now dishing details about his Million Dollar Listing: New York co-stars and how he sees them talking badly about him. As it turns out, Luis and Fredrik might not even know him that well outside of business, but they have questioned both his loyalty and his integrity this year. And Serhant was shocked to see that both of his co-stars were accusing him of buying followers.

Let me tell you about these two guys. Jordan (camera) and Caleb (sound) have been by my side since 2010 when we started filming Million Dollar Listing NY. I was 25 and I thought I was cool because I was renting an apartment I couldn't afford. I've spent 9 months a year with them ever since. They're part of my family now. They've been with me through successes and failures, sickness and health, and even hurricanes. They were with me when the @serhant_team was just me and @yomamamui above a burger restaurant and they're with me now as I open my 3rd Team office for my 41 team members. They were there during my days as a single man and they were there in Times Square when I proposed to Emilia and they may even be there with me at our wedding. We have a big crew, and I will introduce you to all of them eventually, because it's important for everyone who is a fan of the show to see the faces BEHIND the show - the faces of those who make #MDLNY what it is. They've devoted years to following me around, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Thank you @jordanowitz and @balsamicfundamentalist for making me look and sound good every week ????

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“It’s hard. Especially then when we watch the show and see what everyone said during interviews. It’s always weird. I think I try my best to really separate what’s the drama that is caught in those few minutes compared to the overall life that I have with these guys,” Ryan told the Daily Dish, according to Bravo. “But it is hard. It’s a super competitive business. I think that’s why people enjoy watching the three of us because everything you’re watching is very real. As embarrassing as some of it may be, this is my life.”

In other words, Ryan isn’t too happy with the way his co-stars — and essentially work competition — are talking about him behind his back. So, what happens when they run into each other on the streets? Well, the way Serhant and Luis talked during their listing together is probably very close to how things go down in real life.

“It’s cordial. I don’t really see them all the time. I have my own business, my own company, and I run around the city all day every day,” Ryan explained about his Million Dollar Listing: New York co-stars, adding, “So when we see each other, we hang out and we get excited about the ratings and we get sad about bad ones, but that’s really the extent of it. We’re not, like, having tea together.”

On last week’s episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis decided to test Ryan Serhant’s Instagram likes. Apparently, he had gotten an insane amount of likes on one image, and Luis wanted to know why he was getting thousands of likes. The likes were “empty likes,” and they were from people who only had one or two followers. Ortiz quickly assumed that Serhant was buying Instagram likes, and he brought it up with Fredrik Eklund, who agreed with Luis. Ryan was so hurt and upset about it that he decided to write a blog post about it all, defending his own actions, and he downright denies ever buying followers.


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“If it were true, I probably would have had a heart attack, but I was like, ‘What is this?’ Like if you can’t think of anything negative to say about me, to the point where you have to start making up weird stuff, I felt bad for the people who do follow me because compared to Fredrik, I don’t have that many [followers],” Serhant said about the accusations, sharing that he has never bought followers and would never accuse anyone of buying followers.

Are you surprised that Ryan Serhant isn’t close to his Million Dollar Listing: New York co-stars? Why do you think Fredrik and Luis are saying things behind Ryan’s back on the show?

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