Krystian Ryleigh Stuart: Missing North Carolina Teen Believed To Be With Registered Sex Offender

Krystian Ryleigh Stuart, a missing North Carolina teen, is believed to be with registered sex offender William Geoffrey Thacker.

Fox 8 reports that Burlington police obtained a felony warrant for abduction of children on Thacker linked to the disappearance of Krystian, who’s been missing since Wednesday, May 18.

The missing teen is described as a 16-year-old girl with black hair and blue eyes, stands 5-feet-2-inches-tall, and weighs about 160 pounds. She was last seen in the parking lot of the Dollar General at 600 Rauhut St. in Burlington.

Thacker is described as a 27-year-old man standing 6-feet-1-inch-tall and weighing about 215 pounds.

Both were last seen in a white 1999 GMC Sierra truck with a North Carolina license of PCC-3269, according to police.

Authorities are concerned for Stuart’s safety and are aggressively searching for her. Police are also working with the girl’s family — contacting those acquainted with the teen and her abductor.

According to the report, a relative of Thacker’s claims there’s more to this story than what police are disclosing.

WNCN reports that Krystian’s family has been posting fliers and posters around neighborhoods in an effort to find the missing North Carolina teen.

Brandi Starnes is Kyrstian’s aunt who adopted her as her mother last year. She says she has to keep busy putting up posters or she’ll go crazy.

“I feel like if I stop moving, I am going to go to pieces,” said Starnes. “And I won’t stop. I feel like if I don’t keep searching for her and making fliers in posting fliers and putting updates out there and trying to get the community to help us, then I won’t be able to function. I have to stay busy.”

Starnes describes Krystian as a “lot of fun,” “a silly kid,” and someone she enjoys laughing and playing with. The girl’s distraught mother adds that she’s “very talented and incredibly creative.”

Starnes adds that the family is “heartbroken” and that Krystian’s disappearance has “taken a toll on us all.” Everyone is exhausted and are unable to eat or sleep.

Ironically, Starnes is disappointed at the negative things some people are saying about the suspect’s family. She expressed support to the Thacker family.

The report also reveals that Thacker and Krystian are involved in a relationship, according to police. Starnes said she had no idea. All she knows is the family is “pretty devastated” and that they “weren’t expecting her to leave.”

Krystian’s mother doesn’t know why she left and doesn’t care. The number one priority is getting her home safe.

“We love you and we are not going to stop looking for you,” said Starnes. “Come home!”

A new lead in the case make police believe Thacker and Stuart are headed north, but don’t know exactly where. Both of their cell phones are turned off.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety gave more details surrounding the conviction of William Geoffrey Thacker. It states that he was convicted in March, 2008, for a charge in February, 2007, of a sex offense in the second degree. The victim was over the age of 18. Thacker was released in October, 2013.

Police say that the two are heading north as far as they know, but it’s unclear if they may have ventured outside of North Carolina.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Krystian Ryleigh Stuart or William Geoffrey Tacker are urged to call the Burlington Police Department at (336) 229-3500 or Crimestoppers at (336) 229-7100.

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