Four Ways Bernie Sanders Could Still Become President And Three Reasons He’s Not Already The Democratic Nominee

Bernie Sanders is currently far more popular than any other candidate still in the presidential race, according to recent polls. Yet those in power do not want him as president. Considering his tough stand against Washington corruption and Wall Street profiteering, it is no wonder he’s being met with resistance.

Reasons Bernie Sanders Isn’t Leading The Democratic Primary Race

1. Media Favoritism

Bernie Sanders was TV media’s best-kept secret, even months into the primary when his ties and wins over the competition were striking. This gave Clinton an early lead advantage. Everything was presented through the eyes of media personalities who wanted Hillary to win, and believed she certainly would. For them, the primary was just a formality. Hillary was going to be the next president, and they were excited.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters were initially limited to well-informed political activists and enthusiasts. No one else knew who he was. The media silence was not only potentially demoralizing to the Sanders presidential campaign, it put Sanders at a disadvantage to reach voters unfamiliar with him. Even now, people who do not spend a lot of time online Googling political issues are largely uninformed about the advantages of a Sanders presidency. They are also vastly unaware of the depth of Clinton’s FBI investigation, her difficulties as Secretary of State, and the seriousness of her email debacle.

Bernie Sanders draws enormous record breaking crowds all over America [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Bernie Sanders draws enormous record breaking crowds all over America [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

2. Election Fraud

While Bernie Sanders is said to do well in open primaries, Counterpunch alleges that Clinton does best in places that use easily hackable voting machines. There have been a variety of unfair voting practices and so-called computer glitches reported, including Sanders supporters being purged from Democratic voter rolls, either to be listed as Republican, Independent, or not at all, according to Heavy. California is filing a federal lawsuit to protect their upcoming primary from election fraud.

Bernie Sanders may have been seriously disadvantaged in a huge number of presidential primaries, while Clinton was the beneficiary of all alleged election fraud. Still, it is important to note that the candidates themselves are rarely complicit in election fraud. It is doubtful that Clinton knew she was being advantaged. The bottom line is hundreds of thousands of people who had every reason to believe they were registered voters have been denied the right to vote. Also, exit polls are not matching up with primary results, indicating possible tampering with voting machines or voter machine malfunctions that went uncorrected.

In any third world presidential election, the United Nations, or even the United States, would sweep in and declare election fraud, if poll numbers and vote numbers were this incongruent, but this is America and our democracy is not being protected by any outside interference.

3. Superdelegates

Bernie Sanders has been disadvantaged by the insistence of mainstream media to inaccurately report alleged superdelegate support as the same as a committed delegate. This kind of reporting left the voters with the impression Hilary was leading by huge margins, which is actually not the case. Superdelegate votes do not count until they are cast, and superdelegates can change their minds at any time before voting at the convention.

Superdelegates are also an indication of the Democrat Party’s favoritism toward Clinton. Party favoritism has been a key factor in the election fraud because the Democratic party has not spoken out against the fraudulent practices that advantage Hilary.

Ways Bernie Sanders Could Still Win

1. An FBI Indictment Of Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders will have to step forward and be the democratic nominee, should Hillary’s trouble with the FBI get any worse. The mainstream TV media has attempted to shield the public from the worst of the news, but Hillary could be in real trouble. People think email is mundane but it really isn’t when Russia probably has sensitive and classified government documents. Political Insider reports that the Kremlin has 20,000 of Clinton’s emails. Hillary could easily be forced to withdraw from the race in the face of criminal charges.

2. Email Disclosed To The Public

There is also a chance that if the emails becoming leaked and widely viewed, American voters might be horrified by what they read, according to AWD News. Recent rumors on the contents of alleged leaked emails have been disconcerting, but AWD News tops the charts alleging Clinton wants to start World War III, and the emails prove it. While that allegation seems a bit extreme, it is still a good indication of how emails, once they surface, will be used in headlines.

If Donald Trump reads the emails, he will certainly use the worst of them against her. If Hillary’s emails became public, her chances of becoming elected could drop considerably. Perhaps a massive public outcry from voters would bring the Democratic party to their senses before the primaries.

Hillary and Bernie by Scott Olson c
Hillary and Bernie [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

3. If The Democratic Party Comes To Their Senses At The Convention

Bernie Sanders believes that if he can only reach that convention floor, he can convince Democratic Leaders he is the better candidate. He remains hopeful and plans to fight for the nomination and the presidency every step of the way.

4. Bernie Sanders Could Make A Third Party Bid

While it may be short notice, there is a slim chance that with the kind of voter support Sanders has, he could be elected president, even on a third party ticket. The odds, however, are slim, and there may not be time to get on enough ballots to make a difference. It would be the least promising alternative, but it could work.

The icing on the cake though for third party victory is that it would be unprecedented and probably do serious damage to both political parties. It would also elevate the third party he ran under. It could lead the way to a powerful third party, multiple parties, or a no-party system.

Bernie Sanders is alleged to have been the victim of election fraud, media bias, and party discrimination. This isn’t all Hillary’s doing. There is no way she personally is doing anything of the kind, but some very powerful people want her in office. Still, Bernie has managed to hold his own with the front runner. In recent primaries, he has beat her a number of times. He polls better than any other candidate right now when both parties are considered.

Bernie Sanders could still win.

[Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images]