Dorinda Medley Calls Out Ramona Singer — Again: ‘RHONY’ Feud Heating Up?

Dorinda Medley may have been friends with Ramona Singer for years, but this Real Housewives of New York friendship may soon be over if things continue the way they have been. As it turns out, Medley isn’t too happy with Singer’s behavior these days, both on The Real Housewives of New York and on social media. The two have been friends for many years, and Ramona was there for Dorinda when her husband died almost five years ago. But Medley may be questioning Singer’s friendship, as she isn’t the most supportive friend these days.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she feels Singer can only be nice to one person at a time. While out for brunch, Dorinda told her that she needed to be cordial with John Mahdessian for Medley’s sake. The two had been dating for three years, and she wanted her friend to show her boyfriend some respect. And while things were indeed cordial, Ramona turns around and talks badly about Dorinda to Sonja Morgan. And this was hurtful for Medley to watch.

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“There’s her situation with me and John and then her situation with Sonja. Seeing her be reasonable and agree with me on how to best approach the Sonja situation and be mindful of Sonja’s feelings is what made her antics at Madame Paulette the next day so much more sour for me to swallow. It’s almost like she can only be nice to one person at a time … I just don’t understand,” Dorinda Medley points out in her Bravo blog.

The night the episode aired, Dorinda and Ramona both shared their thoughts on social media and the two got into a heated argument. It is clear that Singer doesn’t support her friend’s choice in men, but she’s downright rude about it. During last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, she blurted out “Thank God” when a psychic told Dorinda Medley that she wouldn’t be marrying John. And Medley didn’t hold back on social media when Singer crashed John’s party and made a spectacle.

It sounds like Dorinda Medley doesn’t understand why her friend can be so critical of her friends’ decisions. She’s also been very critical of Sonja Morgan, who has been struggling with her drinking. Medley actually felt sorry for Morgan after watching her be torn apart by Bethenny Frankel, who wasn’t too happy about the Tipsy Girl business name.

“Sonja may have thought it was cute and clever and perhaps she was misled by some of her sidekicks about ‘Tipsy Girl,’ but there has to have come a point when she realized it just wasn’t a smart idea,” Dorinda Medley explains in her blog for Bravo, adding, “Sonja should’ve known better and considering all she knew about the players involved in this Tipsy vs. Skinny world. It should’ve been clear. But I guess it is what it is, and the learning curve has a downside.”

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Of course, Medley has been in the business industry for a while, as she ended up selling her deceased husband’s business when he passed away. She understands the power of being unique and stand out with a traditional idea. But, as a friend, Dorinda understood Sonja’s desire to have something she could call her own after her bankruptcy troubles.

“My heart broke watching Sonja tear up about her situation and I get it — we all get it. She wants to get back on track, and you can’t blame her. Bethenny knows that, and I do feel that Bethenny was honest when she said she felt compassion for her,” Medley points out in her blog.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley’s concerns about Ramona Singer? Are you surprised that Dorinda stands by her friend so much?

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